Justin Welby Weeps After Talking To Survivors Of Church Abuse

“Yes many institutions failed catastrophically including in the media, including children’s homes, foster parents, all kinds of areas, all kinds of areas, you find them all over the place, but the Church is meant to hold itself to a far, far higher standard and we failed terribly.” – Justin Welby


Everything I hear confirms that the Church of England are indeed doing everything they can in regards to the child abuse that they have a responsibility for. The only correct response when presented with the wealth of evidence and survivor testimony coming out now is to be open about it and I’m pleased to see the Church of England taking this stance.

I can only hope that other institutions have the same attitude. It can’t change what happened but it is the only path to some kind of closure for survivors of child abuse.

The Church of England process began before Welby became Archbishop of Canterbury but there does seem to be a definite acceleration of the process since Justin Welby took over.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has told how he broke down in tears at learning of the horror of child abuse within the Church of England.

The Most Rev Justin Welby said the details of sexual abuse dating back decades are “beyond description – terrible” and that he had been profoundly moved by the “shredding effect” of survivors’ experiences.

He also said the full scale of the abuse has not been revealed and that the failure of the Church was greater than other institutions such as children’s homes and the media because it purports to hold itself to a “far, far higher standard”.

Speaking to members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Westminster, he said the Church of England had “failed terribly”.

But he insisted that the Church is now taking the issue as seriously as possible, including trawling through 60 years of clergy personnel files searching for evidence of abuse which had gone unnoticed.

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6 responses to “Justin Welby Weeps After Talking To Survivors Of Church Abuse

  1. artmanjosephgrech

    so he should Catholic Church in UK has unfrocked 53 priest

  2. artmanjosephgrech

    PS where is the church woman on the CSA Panel

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  4. Andy Barnett

    Wasn’t it an Archbishop that chaired the Hillsborough inquiry? We could do worse…

  5. justin welby is a hypocrite
    he weeps over the abuse of thes eboys
    but he also wanted the church open for homosexual preists
    bastard !

  6. LJMT

    @ Andy Barnett
    Any non-retired Archbishop would be far too busy I fear. A retired one or a retired Bishop might well do it.

    The man the Church has repeatedly gone to is the retired Bishop John Gladwin, who is no pushover but very gentle with victims.

    So he would be a distinct possibility.