The Home Office Canvas Survivors On Whether Fiona Woolf Should Go.

They are doing it via The Survivors Trust.

Frankly, I’m a little astonished that they feel the need to ask the question but one thing is for sure, Fiona Woolf will soon resign because I don’t know of anyone in possession of the facts who does not think that her position is untenable.

It is only a matter of time now.

If you’re a survivor yourself you can email The Survivors Trust and let them know if you think Fiona Woolf should stay or go at –



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14 responses to “The Home Office Canvas Survivors On Whether Fiona Woolf Should Go.

  1. godhelpus

    It is who she associate’s with! not her family, is this right?

  2. nuggy

    my personal conspiracy theory is that they are deliberately picking people they know will have to resign in order to stall the investigation.

    • Sabre

      Possible, however, they have to pick someone of substance and anyone of substance is likely to be linked to a malefactor given that it is the Establishment under the microscope !

  3. Terry

    Ann Elizabeth Oldfield Butler-Sloss, Baroness Butler-Sloss.
    Sister to lord Havers.


    I Think with regards to any form of enquirer by Fiona Woolf ,This Lady should not be questioned because of her brother,s action,s this Lady has worked hard to get in the position she is today and this is a very high position within the job Fiona Wolf does .I am quite sure it is more than her life is worth supporting any form of information in relation to her brother.This Lady deserves to do her job it is unfortunate she had a monster of a brother ,I do not hold this against her .I think more important that today after 30 yrs i was told that i only had 6 months to take action against an individual while i was a child in care to prosecute…please what child is going to feel safe in that establishment to say what has happened,when i did i was put in a cell and made to feel alone and to blame and fed on plastic dishes in PJs all day no interaction with anyone and this would be done if reported any issues.I AM STARTING A PETITION TO GET THE LAW CHANGED ON COMMON ASSAULT WHILE IN CARE OF LOCAL AUTHORITY ,AS IT HAS SHOWN INVESTIGATION AFTER INVESTIGATION THE law NEEDS CHANGING WITH REGARDS TO KIDS MADE AWARD OF COURT .PLEASE FOLLOW ME TO SAY THE LAW NEEDS TO BE CHANGED AS ITS THE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL DAMAGE THAT COMES WITH THIS OFFENCE BUT JUSTICE DOES NOT SEE IT THAT WAY WITH VULNERABLE CHILDREN THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO READ MY EMAIL.

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  6. artmanjosephgrech

    Do not confuse the vociferous few with the majority PS do you know how many survivors there are of crimes by perpetrators involved with “institutions” covered by the terms of reference? It is bit like those anti Europe are noisy and the evidence is the majority see the value of our membership. The medial bandwagon effect has always to be discounted outside of party political matters. Social media activism is misleading given the number of interests who are not what they seem and the MSM has its own agenda ( The government is not the only body with a social change/PR unit