Britain’s self-deluded, incestuous elite.

We have nothing to add to Dominic Sandbrook’s excellent article in the Mail today, a short extract reproduced below;

As the eminent sociologist Michael Young predicted back in the Fifties, Britain’s new incestuous governing elite is driven not only by greed for wealth and power, but by a kind of moral self-righteousness, too.

‘They can be insufferably smug,’ Young wrote of the new Establishment, ‘much more so than the people who knew they had achieved advancement not on their own merit but because they were, as somebody’s son or daughter, the beneficiaries of nepotism. The newcomers can actually believe they have morality on their side.

From family law and human rights to Europe and immigration, they are so convinced of their own righteousness they do not even bother to engage with people who think differently.

Indeed, they simply write them off as bigots and losers.

And all the time, even as the new elite congratulate themselves on their principles, the gap between rich and poor continues to widen.

‘So assured have the elite become,’ Young later observed, ‘that there is almost no block on the rewards they arrogate to themselves.’

He wrote that in 2001 — but it is more true today than ever.”

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