Make Your Own Leon Brittan Cartoon Template.

This is a new arts and crafts feature on The Needle.

Here is your template simply copy the image and add what you want the illustrious former Home Secretary  Baron Brittan of Spennithorne to be saying.

DYI Cartoon



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11 responses to “Make Your Own Leon Brittan Cartoon Template.

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  2. dpack

    as clegg worked in leon’s office for a while i recon it is spot on topic

  3. sxjack

    ‘ …..and the Coalition returned the favour …… (to Brittan)’?
    Yes, spot on indeed.

  4. Sabre

    Caption:- Who would have thought nursing a fairy could cause such a stink to linger so long!

    • Sabre

      I think I’ll go for this one given that the Honourable Member for Lanark and Hamilton East has outed Uncle Leon !

      I wonder if the Honourable Member will out the Labour Lord too?

  5. Sabre

    Caption:- We’re the Woolf pack, Peeter must be hiding in there somewhere !

  6. Sabre

    Caption:- Greville we Banksters can afford better bikes than you lawyers !

  7. Sabre

    Caption:- We wrecked the global economy and billed the poor for the damage, uncared for kids are … Well… Uncared for !

  8. Sabre

    Caption:- Who will rid me of this troublesome fairy !

  9. Sabre

    Caption:- Fiona, get this right and dinner is on me, a 1996 Chateau Lafite Rothschild for you and a tasty pie for me !