Theresa Villiers Statement regarding Kincora

This was released earlier today, and referred to by Fiona Woolf in her appearance at the Home Affairs Select Committee this afternoon.
It is the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (Theresa Villiers) reasoning for why the Kincora investigation should continue under Sir Anthony Hart.
For completeness, we have included this written statement (released from the Northern Ireland Office on 21st October) here;



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3 responses to “Theresa Villiers Statement regarding Kincora

  1. re truth becomes public eventually unfortunately is not always so and what sometimes purports to be the truth is a carefully crafted version of it that some interest wants to become established.

    The DUP has a debate day in the House of Commons today on the National Crime Agency and as yet one undisclosed other subject. It would be surprising if Kincora was not raised

    There is also a potentially important Adjournment debate on the CSA Inquiry

  2. dpack

    truth almost always becomes public eventually.
    truth can be very damaging to those who require a fantasy to be generally accepted in order to rule .
    the kincora events are an ugly truth that expose part of a massive fantasy.

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