Calls for Fiona Woolf to investigate the Intelligence Services

One of the lingering questions following the revelations of paedophile Jimmy Savile’s activities is the role of the Intelligence Services;

How can it be that the Security Services failed to identify Savile, whose paedophile abuse spanned over 50 years and was awarded both an OBE and a Knighthood?

This predatory paedophile mixed easily with senior politicians and Royalty, not to mention leading the task force running Broadmoor, a top security hospital, for a year. Were the Services incompetent, or was it something else?

Similarly, there have been lingering doubts about the truth of the Kincora boys home in Belfast. This was Ken Livingstone speaking on LBC radio on 10th November 2012;

‘I was raising in parliament, up against Mrs Thatcher, the Kincora boys home, where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming it because they were hoping to be able to blackmail senior politician in Northern Ireland. They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisleys MPs and they never did…. erm, and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there’s been an awful lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and decades.’

Are our Intelligence Services complicit in child abuse?

Today’s story in the Daily Mirror would seem to suggest that they are;


The British authorities covered up a case of child sex abuse by a senior figure of the IRA in order to use the damning evidence to turn him into a double agent, military intelligence sources have said.
Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, was pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car in the 1970s, the sources said.
But instead of being prosecuted, the images were used by military spooks to turn the Republican hero – and close ally of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams – into one of the British Army’s most valuable informants.
A source revealed that Cahill – who died in 2004 – was being followed by a covert unit as he drove around Belfast when the pictures were taken.
They apparently showed the paramilitary, then in his 50s, abusing a 14-year-old girl, who was later identified.

Daily Mirror 20/10/2014

Now there are calls for Fiona Wolf to also investigate the intelligence services’ role in child abuse as part of her inquiry;

Chairwoman Fiona Woolf is expected to examine abuse by MPs, in care homes and schools, and is now facing calls to expand her investigation to cover the role of the intelligence services.
Labour MP Tom Watson said: “There have been rumours that the intelligence services had knowledge of child abuse for a number of years.
“That is why it’s essential that the inquiry is given full access to intelligence service files on this subject.”
Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who exposed the truth about paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith, said: “The exploitation of children by the secret services and members of the establishment comes as no surprise.
“We are discovering a history of poor children being treated like disposable goods by people in high places and no one batted an eyelid.”

Daily Mirror 20/10/2014

What a cesspit.



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7 responses to “Calls for Fiona Woolf to investigate the Intelligence Services

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  2. dpack

    the historical role of some elements of the security services in such matters should be investigated and if evil has been done the guilty departments/individuals should be held to account ,in public if possible but in private if absolutely necessary (being realistic job done is more important than named heads on sticks as far as im concerned).

    if (when and wherever) it is found that such methods are still in use they should be ceased immediately and forbidden in the future.

    blackmail and reward by such means may have short term tactical advantages but the long term risk of both exposure of the operation, the motives for it and other operations associated (or not) with it far outweigh any gains from such tactics.

    following the inevitable exposure of such operations (unless the “means to an end” include “silencing”all witnesses that will happen ) the subsequent contempt of the population for the services involved will (at the very least) cause operational difficulties in unrelated matters.
    such methods are strategically unacceptable if one takes a holistic view of the work of the security services as well as being morally repugnant to any decent officer expected to be party to them.

    • Sabre

      dpack – Your posts are always interesting, however, I disagree with your assertion that ‘exposure is inevitable’. We and others have explored and debated this subject at length, the Security Services would prefer that interest in this subject would ebb. The Security Services are not unduly fussed about what is ‘known’ so long as it remains unproven.

      Imagine being on the other side of the table to the local CID, they know you murdered the Mrs, You know that you murdered the Mrs, They can do sod all about it until they can prove it.

      NB an illustration, I’m sure that dpack hasn’t offed the Mrs.

  3. Savile worked for MI5. He gave them interesting information about which paedos the Israelis were blackmailing.

  4. dpack

    that seems plausible ,it also seems plausible he provided access to potential assets and intel from a wide variety of sources.

  5. Sabre

    That Daily Mirror link is a real eye opener ! Spies, Terrorists, Murderers and child molestors lauded and not jailed on the same page some half wit sent an anti semitic tweet to an MP and he gets jailed !