File Regarding Lord Janner Still With The CPS After 6 Months.

Confirms the Chief Constable of Leicester, Simon Cole.

That is six months since the police passed it over !

Police yesterday handed evidence to the CPS after interviewing a man allegedly abused as a teenager in the 1970s by Labour peer Lord Janner, now 85.

The Mirror 30th April 2014




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10 responses to “File Regarding Lord Janner Still With The CPS After 6 Months.

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  2. nuggy

    if hes unfit to be interviewed i would of thought he was unfit to be charged.

  3. l8in

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  4. GMB

    Ernest Walter Schleyer Mark II

  5. pongo

    as Janner has stated – War criminals no matter their age or mental capacity against the jews in WW2, the Dock.

    Rule of Law is that we are all equal, unless ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. Random Anonymous Crank

    Maybe they have information they feel they dare not disregard and are just hoping for time to take its natural course and relieve the establishment of an embarrassment .

  7. Sabre

    They’ve probably lost it, these things do happen !

  8. Sabre

    I see that you tweeted CPS asking if they’ve lost it!