First Arrest In Operation Brancaster

Understandably, I don’t have any information about this new police operation other than it must be distinct from Op Fernbridge and Op Cayacos.

Any help would be gratefully received.


A 67-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of historic child abuse following an investigation into claims of a paedophile ring with links to parliament.

The unnamed suspect is being questioned at a police station in Dorset, Scotland Yard said.

He is being investigated as part of an inquiry named Operation Brancaster which was sparked by MP Tom Watson.

He also claimed that a member of the group had bragged about links with a senior aide to a former Prime Minister.

Mr Watson wrote to Scotland Yard about the case, and the force later launched a number of separate criminal investigations after assessing the information.

The Evening Standard


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14 responses to “First Arrest In Operation Brancaster

  1. Martin

    I would what are the allegations against him concerning this spin off of Operation Fairbank and how many he been accused of now

  2. GMB

    I gather the files @ Thames House have now been identified and located.

  3. gw

    Might this be related to DCI Settle’s departure and the additional new staff working on the Fairbank- associated investigations?

  4. dpack

    having had dealings with chope i should declare a conflict of interest. when he was dismantling the wandsworth b c services my opinion of him is that he was a proper thatcherite and i really dont like him.
    he was not popular with either the (ex)staff or community of west hill community centre ,maybe i was mistaken to talk a few of my youth work clients(a rather scarey street gang) out of making a mussolini style example of him.
    on a previous occasion when he attempted to run a youth club(having presided over sacking the centre manager provoking a staff walkout) he lasted about ten minutes before he was covered in a cup of piss thrown by a 13 yr old and had to run away before they finished the job.
    that i am very happy to believe the worst of the chap in any matter is neither evidence or accusation it merely reflects my thorough dislike of the man.

    that aside an arrest in relation to westminster linked events does seem a rather important step.

  5. evilytorypervert

    And i would of got away with it to. if it hadent been for you pesky kids.

  6. GMB

    Brancaster now that an interesting choice of a name… another one for Christopher Spence interview ?

  7. Andy Barnett

    Charles Napier is 67 and lives in Dorset.

  8. artmanjosephgrech

    This development confirms the priority now being given by all 43 Police forces in England and Wales. The Inquiry Chair before the Home Affairs Committee next week as announced by Home Affairs Committee Chair today at end of session with NCA boss which also merits viewing or transcript as that of the Home Officer Questions yesterday House of Commons including the urgent topical questions at end of session. reading and other Ministerial and Inquiry Publications over coming weeks also demonstrates the priority still being given. The summer recess power down was planned prior to the Scottish referendum vote. There will now be three active months before the power down for General Election

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