The documents in the Andrew Faulds archives on Greville Janner

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WARNING: Contains reproductions of anti-semitic material.

A major new report in today’s Mail  (Guy Adams, ‘Child sex claims, a police ‘cover-up’ and troubling questions for a Labour peer: This special report reveals the full extent of the deeply disturbing allegations against ex-MP Greville Janner’, Daily Mail, October 4th, 2014) contains details of two very sensitive documents filed within the archives of late Labour MP Andrew Faulds. These concerned allegations against the then-MP for Leicester West, Greville Janner, who retired from the House of Commons in 1997 and now sits in the House of Lords as Baron Janner of Braunstone. Janner was named in the 1991 trial of Frank Beck by one witness as having abused him; Janner was not himself on trial and did not testify, and he was widely believed (including by many MPs) to have been unfairly smeared here.

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15 responses to “The documents in the Andrew Faulds archives on Greville Janner

  1. Sabre

    The ‘Deepsea’ publication was lifted by the police from a meeting that I was stewarding years ago.
    I am vaguely familiar with Sid Chaney and his allegations.
    I seem to recall he had legal and financial disputes with a bank, if I remember rightly he plastered a bank slurry/ shit.

  2. Sabre

    The slurry incident was a farmer, Chaney used to take credit cards and bank loans in the names of his pets before distributing the proceeds to good causes. Beck noticed Chaney’s antics and started corresponding with him.

    Beck maintains he was framed, as Mandy Rice-Davies said etc etc.
    Beck did receive Exceptionally long sentence given the punishment ( lack of) normally handed out for such offences, while Sid Cook et al received lesser sentences for raping and killing kids.

  3. nuggy

    i thought janner was innocent to start with but the senility’s just to convenient.

  4. Michael Morris

    I think both Beck and Janner are/were guilty. This Chaney bloke just seems a little crazy and for some reason is shilling for Beck.

    I think the interesting bits are the argument over the bicycle allegedly given by Janner to the boy. One can imagine the boy feeling somewhat empowered against Beck by the fact he is intimate with Janner (who is powerful figure). So boy starts trying to use that leverage against Beck. Beck then orders the present to be given back to Janner as it is making his life difficult managing the boy in his care (if one can call it that).

    I´d be shocked if the CPS don’t charge him.

  5. I agree with Mr Morris. It’s actually not rare for someone like Beck to claim they are being framed, particularly if they think they can impugn “a person of note”. The testimony against him from other social workers is extraordinary, however, and I see no reason to doubt it. That doesn’t mean Beck couldn’t have also been aware that the boy had a sexual relationship with Janner. These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

    Buried in the documents on “desiring progress” site, is some very revealing information about the use of “regression therapy” as a front for physical/sexual abuse of children, including this: “Regression therapy encompasses a range of controversial treatments, including so-called ‘re-parenting’, where patients are encouraged to reject their own parents and adopt the therapists as their new parents.
    The institute also promotes a form of regression therapy widely discredited in the United States, where it originated, called Cathexis.
    Cathexis was the brainchild of American social worker Jacqui Schiff, who developed the technique of ‘re-parenting’ for her work with schizophrenics. In her book All my Children, she describes making patients stand in a corner, restraining them with a heavy chair and spanking them. She also describes how she got a patient over his castration complex by holding a knife to his genitals.
    Courts in Virginia ordered Ms Schiff never to work again, and a home she operated in California had its licence taken away. She is now living in Birmingham, where she runs a private re-parenting practice”.

    Here we have validation even of the hypothesis advanced by child abuse ‘skeptics’ like Ralph Underwager – that there were out-of-control self-professed child therapists who were intentionally alienating children from theoir natural parents and then encouraging the children to falsely accuse those parents of abuse: “patients are encouraged to reject their own parents and adopt the therapists as their new parents”, and further, that discredited quacks from the US had come to the UK to continue their lunatic crusades. ALL of these things could be true – the abuse of children by parents, by care-workers, by politicians, AND the manipulation of children by lunatic therapists. They don’t necessarily exclude each other.

  6. nuggy

    oh beck was as guilty as sin his claims of innocence were a joke. i notice even
    Richard Webster wouldn’t commit himself on becks case..

  7. Sabre

    Why did Beck get 5 life sentences ? Sidney Cook and his mates raped and killed kids and didn’t get 1 life sentence?

    • nuggy

      well obviously the judge dident like him.

      theirs no rhyme or reason to sentencing its all down to how the judge feels.

  8. kelvin ballsacre

    Witness statments suggest as many as 200 boys may have been abused by Janner.It angers many of us that hes untouchable because hes a jew

    • dpack

      i suspect the lord bit is more relevant than the jewish bit

      • Sabre

        You are probably right, however, the two decades of grooming by muslim gangs didn’t include any Lords ( as far as I know) and that was definitely ignored bear in mind that muslims have ‘ protected minority status ‘ but Jews are infinitely more treasured.

        More important than Janner’s elevation to the upper chamber or his Jewishness is the fact that he has been a Zionist figurehead not to mention his past chairmanship of the Holocaust Educational Trust.

        Invocation of the Holocaust brings public institutions, commercial enterprises, legislatures and Sovereign Goverments to heel in double quick time.

        Janner’s not going to be prosecuted for anything, the Archbishop of Canterbury and The Pope stand a better chance of going up the steps at the Old Bailey ( Defend the Children of the Poor and Punish the Wrongdoer, it says above the entrance). You don’t know whether to laugh or weep.

      • Sabre

        The Conservative that we all know about won’t be prosecuted either.

  9. Sabre

    Nothing for a week and no Friday song or poem? Hope you’re ok Gojam post something to indicate to that effect.

  10. nuggy

    an abuser is an abuser.

    why they constant need to bring race and religion into it.

    • Sabre

      Because it’s not irrelevant, I grant you that it should be, alas it isn’t !
      Gojam covered the Northern Grooming Scandal by gangs of Muslims.
      This was ignored by all and sundry for near on two decades despite as they say in Ulster the dogs in the street knowing about it.

      That’s why!