Pressure Builds On Lord Janner But The Labour Party Remain Silent.

Not a single comment from anyone in the Labour leadership, and I’ve asked the entire Shadow Cabinet, regarding how Lord Janner, a peer who takes the Labour whip in the Lords, is eligible to vote on legislation but is too ill to answer questions about over 20 allegations of child abuse.

Not a dicky bird.


Shortly before retiring in 1997, a Labour MP called Andrew Faulds created an archive of the paperwork he had accrued during three colourful decades in Parliament.

Filling 263 boxes, it contained — among a great many other things — two highly sensitive documents which had landed on the prominent backbencher’s desk in 1992 and 1995.

The first was a four-page leaflet published by a group which called itself ‘Concerned Leicester Parents’. The second was a 24-page booklet, which claimed on its cover to reveal: ‘How people in high places covered-up for a Parliamentary paedophile’.

Faulds, an avuncular figure who acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company before entering politics, died in 2000, aged 77. His entire archive was subsequently transferred to the library of the London School of Economics [LSE].

There, it has sat unnoticed and virtually untouched for more than a decade. Recent events, however, seem likely to propel the Faulds archive to sudden prominence.

That’s because the yellowing pages of those two documents discuss what is now a snowballing political scandal.

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4 responses to “Pressure Builds On Lord Janner But The Labour Party Remain Silent.

  1. Sabre

    Interesting article, too little too late though. Some of us used to get visits from old bill wanting samples of leaflets covering this subject !

  2. Sabre

    For the record I am not nor do I know Dr Van Helsing !

  3. Sabre

    Is any pressure building on the tory party? They have a few ‘personalities’ with questions to answer?

  4. Sabre

    You would have thought that a physog like that combined with the Afro-cum-combover would have served to have kept all but the blind from getting closer than a hundred yards.