Postcards From Jersey To Islington

The astonishing thing regarding the exchange holidays for care home children that took place between the child abuse hot spots of Islington care homes and Haut de la Garenne in Jersey is the distinct lack of evidence.

The exchange trips took place and yet there appears to be no official record. That lack of bureaucratic paperwork  in itself raises extremely disturbing questions, regardless of whether child abuse took place, as former residents claim.

How can young children be transported from one local authority across the English Channel to another without any record of the trips existing ?

Either the exchange trips did not take place (yet we know they did) or someone has been extremely careless or negligent with the paperwork.


THESE may look like the kind of postcards you’d find in any British holiday town. A relic of fun memories. To child abuse campaigners, however, these are a smoking gun. For the first time they provide solid evidence that children from Islington’s homes in the 1970s were sent on trips to Jersey, in an exchange programme with children from the notorious Haut de la Garenne home, where widespread abuse took place.

Establishing that children from Islington were indeed sent to Jersey on exchange trips – as has long been claimed – is another piece of the jigsaw that creates a picture of a child abuse ring operating in the UK, with children passed around the country.

It has been established by many independent inquiries that child abuse took place in all of Islington’s 12 children’s homes during this period.

Islington Council has no official records that children in its homes in the 1970s and 80s were ever sent to Jersey on official visits, as all the documents have been destroyed. Circumstantial evidence has been there, however.

The Islington Tribune


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  1. Sabre

    I read the Islington tribune article, I think that the building with the big white circle surrounding a Red Cross that Richard refers to is near the German Hospital.

  2. Sabre

    Graham Rd Queensbridge Rd Dalston Lane, the junction between all 3

  3. Sabre

    92 Dalston Lane E8, The Labour Club is nearby, although Richard might be remembering it as a landmark on way to somewhere else.

  4. Sabre

    Hackney was and probably still is every bit as sinister as Islington, the Mark Trotter affair, Hissing Sid and his paedophile murderers ( managed to get murder and rape changed to manslaughter in court!). Not to mention the Shoe/boot shop that was a front for nonces.

  5. dpack

    the postcards are not a smoking gun as to what happened on any visits but they are proof that visits that have been denied and seem to be unrecorded actually occurred which does add weight to accounts of the nature of some of those visits.

  6. First – be aware that postcard scams carried out by “satanic ritual abuse” claimants in therapy have been documented. In “The Dilemma of Ritual Abuse; Cautions and Guides for Therapists” edited by George Fraser, Fraser himself documents a patient of his who was apparently receiving threatening postcards from anonymous members of “the cult” overseas. Fraser became suspicious and a close examination revealed the postmarks had been faked. An alter-identity of the patient then confessed that the patient had been mailing the cards to themselves and then doctoring them.
    This is not to say the postcards mentioned in this article are faked, they may very well be real.

    Here’s what I’m having trouble reconciling: “Islington Council has no official records that children in its homes in the 1970s and 80s were ever sent to Jersey on official visits, as all the documents have been destroyed”.
    “All of the files of who was in Islington’s children’s homes during the period have mysteriously vanished”.

    Supposedly, ALL the files on Islington Homes children “were destroyed” or “have mysteriously vanished”, but then:
    “Dr Liz Davies, a former social worker who blew the whistle on Islington’s abuse, and who is now a reader in child abuse at London Met University in Holloway, said: “The Jersey postcards are massively significant. They have stamps and postmarks proving they are legitimate”.
    “Richard’s file makes no mention of trips to Jersey at all, no financial records, parental permission or anything”.

    RICHARD’S FILE – ? How could there be a “Richard’s file”, if ALL the files were destroyed or have mysteriously vanished – ?

  7. ~R~

    You can bet your life these trips were undertaken. I was taken to Jersey in 1978, Islington council!! I’m still here to tell the tale.

    These postcards were kept by my father.

    The missionary building on Dalston lane is indeed still there Sabre, you’re correct.

    Justin.. The postcards are 100% genuine! They were sent by me to my father in 1978. Have been in his attic for decades.
    As many of us know, parents tend to keep things like old birthday cards, school reports, photos and postcards/letters from their children.

    Your point, may hold water where others are concerned and i’m sure you may have examples. These however are very REAL and not faked.

    Let this sink in a while..

    Not ALL Islington children’s files went missing or were destroyed!

    Legally people would have had an absolute field day, under Data protection, if EVERY file was destroyed.

    I’m sure most over a certain age/period of time get destroyed legally anyway!
    After many accusations & litigation towards the council by many of its ex residents (at the 12 islington childrens homes) Demetrious Panton for example and after the 1995 ‘White report’ the council allegedly started ‘sanitising & destroying files’ which would have implicated them in a huge cover up that was (most certainly) happening (refer to the white report) Many if not all children’s file were likely to have been destroyed, to facilitate said cover up.

    I got my file from Islington child services in Essex Road, back in 2000. They did not want to give it to me and it took letters from my MP at the time (Chris Smith) and months of meetings at their offices before i actually got a copy. The sent me on wild goose chases, suggesting that my file could have been kept in the ‘Metropolitan archives’, Hackney archives and so on. It took 6/7 months in total. What were they trying to hide?
    After reading it myself and showing it to child care experts like Liz Davies, it was clear that my file had been ‘hugely sanitised’. No financial records, no receipts for clothing, day trips and holidays, no records of hospital/doctors visits. Nothing! How could that be?

    As we all know, historical CSA is extremely difficult to prove, mainly due to lack of evidence.
    One of my abusers, Nicholas John Rabet (from Jersey) was the deputy superintendant at my care home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue, Islington.
    He killed himself in 2006 (Pattaya Thailand) after being arrested and charged with abusing 30 boys.

    Bang goes my chance of seeing him in court!

    Doesn’t mean I don’t expect Islington council to one day acknowledge and apologise for what I and others went through under their care.

    I’ve only waited 35 so far, whats a few more?

    Mind you, with Margaret Hodges son-in-law Joe Calouri (@Croslandite) currently in charge of Islington’s child services, I wont hold my breath!

    • Many thanks R !

      Are the police showing an interest in this ?

      • I have no interest in involving the police at this time.
        I want more genuine survivors to come forward in order to corroborate mine and others experiences in Islington’s care homes.

        They can’t behind that facade forever

      • pauline

        Bill Malony of Pie and Mash films,has proof of the Jersey home and Islington,as I believe his sister was there at the Jersey home,I also, believe she is in photograph with jimmy sovile when he visited there.

        I am sure Bill also mentions his sister being at the Islington home,as Bill and all his siblings were in care at one time bless them poor souls,
        I seem to remember on one of Bills films he says both his brother and sister are no longer alive .

    • Thank you, Richard!
      I’m well aware of the reality of pedophile-run and pedophile-infested children’s care facilities, although I’m most familiar with the situation in North America and the Better Life conspiracy run by Francis Shelden aka Frank Tory. For personal reasons, (you will understand what I mean), I had been researching child-porn rings on this side of the ocean for several decades – first by interviewing elders in my nations Gay community about the exploitation they experienced as Gay youth, later with the help of expert research in forensic journals. I was researching the Amsterdam pedophile colony about ten years ago, working backward from the present day, and came across a group of people discussing a particularly tragic case of historic child murders in Michigan who were working forward from the 1970’s. I knew that their “Francis Shelden” was my “Frank Tory”, but they did not (I had seen copies of PAN at the time they were published and remembered Stamford’s outing of Tory as Shelden). Making and broadcasting that connection has helped others to uncover many interesting things…
      Nevertheless, I’m disturbed by discongruent info. It’s disturbing to read, in a news article: “ALL of the children’s records were destroyed” or “ALL of the children’s files mysteriously went missing”, and then read someone apparently quoting from one of the children’s files! I commend your tenacity in recovering your own file – good-on-ya as the Aussies say. I have no doubt the authorities were reluctant to produce it for you. But, the fact that it DID still exist makes me question why you would say this: “Many if not all children’s file were likely to have been destroyed, to facilitate said cover up”, rather than: SOME of the children’s files may have been destroyed, to facilitate a cover up?
      I have MIchael Hames’ book now: “The Dirty Squad”. I was expecting to find support for Liz Davies’ statements about having worked with him over the years, but there is none in the book. Surprisingly, what IS in the book is a quote from Keith Driver’s report warning that members of certain groups who are obsessed with the subject of ritual abuse, (which he doesn’t name but I know whom he is referring to), and their involvement in CSA investigations “need to be carefully monitored” because of their documented propensity to generate misinformation. I’m afraid that was still on my mind when I read the article about you, and the first thing that came to mind for me was that the missing documentation you refer to could just as easily be covering up documentation that you were in fact somewhere else when your postcards say you were in Jersey. I have no wish to cast aspersions on your honesty, Richard, that is not my intent. I apologize if you feel that I have done so.


      Been researching instututionalised abuse for 13 yrs. I began because in 2003 I had concerns about a childrens home in Bishops Castle Shropshire. By 2005 the home was closed but complaints was never addressed or investigated..It was a complete cover up. I decided my self to research the people working at this home and found that they had worked at another home in the 80s in Shropshire called Milverton Court where historical abuse occured but was covered up. People working with in welsh childrens homes and bryn alyn also worked at Milverton Court. This home has a history of historical abuse it was called Brookside school before changing to Milverton Court. The headmaster of Brookside school is now been charged with historical abuse and is the oldest man ever to be charged with historical abuse. They do not want the name of this school leaked but I have. – have recently had posts on fb removed concerning convicted pedos working at Milverton Court.This is in brief of course but the twists and turns along the way Including many emails concernig abuse just dissapearing after speaking to Cll Malcom King and asking him if Milverton Court would be under the remit of the new inquiry. Told him I had emails of victims alleging abuse by many staff including wealthy outsiders coming to the home taking there pick of the kids. I told him I would forward the emails.. I was never able to because they had dissapeard from my emails. One Victim who sent these emails died 7 months after speaking out. There must be better treatment and support for victims of abuse we must also not be complacent in thinking pedos rings are still not using childrens homes to abuse and groom kids.. I Believe there is still one operating within in a massive care company in Shropshire.

  8. Sabre

    @ ~R~ I hope your quest succeeds. A thought comes to mind, the loss and/or destruction of documentation is inexcusable, however, an even worse scenario would be that documentation is being deliberately hidden/withheld. Non disclosure has featured in many legal injustices!

    • What was clear at that time was that the council deliberately obfuscated any inquiries by Sussex police, into and regarding allegations against Nick Rabet. Just one example below

      How many others in authority were allowed to just walk away from their posts unchallenged/not questioned and who were they?

      Islington still needs to answer this 22 years after the scandal first broke.

      Margaret Hodge needs to tell us

  9. Sabre

    Sorry ~R~ I really should have read your post properly, you are obviously more than aware of non disclosure tricks.

  10. dpack

    documents that confirm witness testimony are very useful in the search for truth and justice,hence documents that should be secure in official archives are “weeded” “lost” “destroyed” and “sealed” (or “taken by security”.)

    for instance:
    i have recently been informed that many of the documents from calderdale that survived “weeding”etc have been sealed for a 100 yrs on the say so of a previous chief constable and “others”.

    many of the north wales documents were destroyed by arson as waterhouse started .

    in quite a few matters that have been of interest i have noted a high number of “document burglaries” that were sometimes fishing,occasionally (apparently) rather chaotic to the point of messy and sometimes very targeted ,amazingly huge( or specific),professionally conducted and successful.

    there are many other examples .

    potentially relevant documents that do survive such things are especially valuable and deserve safe keeping even if their significance is not immediately obvious.

    multiple copies is a start ,keeping originals in a very secret and very safe place etc etc .
    re personal knowledge ,the more it is shared the harder it is to suppress by any means .

    sorry to sound paranoid but after a couple of years looking into such matters basic security of documentation and not being the only person holding dangerous knowledge seems to be a very good idea .

  11. In my country, a further complicating factor is privacy legislation. If you had been raised “in care”, here, you would have needed a court order to access your own file and even then every document that referred to some other resident as well would be blacked out. The Child Welfare departments wouldn’t even be able to confirm to anyone else, that you had ever been in care, even if you personally asked them to.

  12. Davel (Rochdale)

    The disappearance of actor Andrew Knox in 1987 whilst on a ferry travelling from Jersey to England has never been investigated properly.
    Andrew Knox was researching rumours of child abuse in Jersey and the UK. He was the son of Alexander Knox, a well known actor.
    Andrew was educated at the City of London School and Cambridge. He attended movement classes under Yat Malmgren a founder of the Drama Centre in London and discontinued all contact with Malmgren and Christopher Fettes, before his disappearance.
    Knox was known to be curious about what was said to be going on in Jersey and elsewhere and travelled there, boarding the ferry to return to the mainland, but not found on the ferry when it docked in England.
    He was missing and no one ever knew what happened.
    Knox had previously been married to actress Imogen Hassall with whom he remained on good terms after their marriage split and she was subsequently found dead from an overdose of sleeping pills at her Wimbledon home, on the day she was due to go on holiday with a friend. Imogen Hassall was believed to be keeping papers safe for her former husband when he went to Jersey, but no papers were found at her home.
    There was nothing to suggest any involvement of Andrew Knox with illegal activities. He was well respected and known to be very decent. He refused to discus why he stopped attending Yat Malmgren’s movement classes and became involved in researching the Jersey connection with child trafficking.

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