One Lord A’Leaping





by | September 29, 2014 · 9:40 am

18 responses to “One Lord A’Leaping

  1. Michael Morris

    hehe frightening photos!

  2. Wendy

    Is this someone we know or a generic photo because the face looks familiar

  3. Wendy

    Oh my goodness what is it about politicians and photos. Do they really think no-one will publish.

  4. sxjack

    Was he in panto?

  5. Bruce Goldfinch

    Gojam, do you know the story behind these pics? If you do please share. They seem all the more sinister when you recall some of the sleazy individuals he has been pictured/associated with before know.

  6. Michael Morris

    Yes I´d love to know in what context Boateng did those photos…

  7. Michael Morris

    ok this may explain it:

    “Boateng is not only the first black man to have served in the cabinet, he is also believed to be the first cabinet minister to have sported a thong in public. The occasion was the GLC Christmas panto of 1985, to which Boateng turned up in the guise of a “lewd law lord”. Such sartorial exuberance is in his blood. Ozwald Boateng, one of Savile Row’s top tailors, is a Ghanaian kinsman who has provided him with several sharp suits in the past. With such an impeccable pedigree, it can’t be long before the peers (if not any lewd law lords) welcome him to the red benches.”

  8. timsanders2013

    A picture speaks a thousand words.

  9. Boggins

    Rather put me off my breakfast.

  10. LJMT

    Makes me feel ill too. What a truly repulsive and tacky sight from a clearly tacky mediocre and shallow person who is unfit to sit in the House of Lords cos this is dead cheap- and yucky and unseemly. It shows no respect or awareness or care for the thousands of years of history that seeps from the walls of the Palace of Westminster, and no respect for this country or its families and children. He may find it funny-as humour is vased on incongruity, but this is not the funny sort of incongruity, but the dark silly evil side.

  11. GMB

    That Cinderella Panto where Iltyd Harrington minced onto the stage and exclaimed ‘ 12 o’clock and no Dick’, as he slapped his thigh. A piece of fun…or so it was thought so at the time, we now know better don’t we Ken and Dave !