Is This Democracy In the UK ?



With over 20 allegations of child sexual abuse, including anal rape and the sexual abuse of children as young as 7 years old this man Lord Greville Janner because of his sudden dementia will never face justice.

His alleged victims will never have the opportunity of facing their sexual abuser in a court of law.

As a member of the House of Lords he is not elected, you didn’t elect him and you will never be able to vote him out. Never!

But  Lord Greville Janner is still eligible to make the law. He is still able to vote on legislation concerning child abuse.

Lord Janner is too ill to face the law but well enough to make the law.

And anyone that tells you that this disgraceful and repugnant state of affairs is OK is blowing smoke up your arse.

This is the country we live in.

For God’s sake, make it better!


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  1. He as been protected from the year dot. I’m sure that I related a police visit to a largely unpublicised rally nearly 20 years ago. They were looking for literature relating to allegations against ‘The Honourable Member’.

  2. steve

    come on people lets make this country our country,not the country that’s run by,pedos,crooks,liars,adulteterers tax cheats,claim expense cheats,there NO BETTER THAN SOME OF THE SKUM WE HAVE IN JAIL,START AN UPRISING BEFORE ITS TO LATE,which if might well be if you just sit back and let the deviants run YOUR COUNTRY

  3. pongo

    There are 300,000 jews in the UK out of a population of 65,000,000.

    Worldwide 99.8% of the population of this planet is neither jewish or Israeli.

    Since 1948 Israel has been at war.

    Not anti-semetic, as my hero is Norman Frinkelstein.

    I await comments.

    • Sabre

      Assuming that your figures are correct we deduce that the global Jewish population is 0.2%, The UK Jewish population is 0.5%.

      The UK Jewish population density is 250% of the Global Jewish population density.

      Israel has been at war since 1948 because the U.S. the UK and Europe have supported them with economic and military aid not to mention diplomatic support despite their numerous breaches of UN resolutions.

      The relatively high Jewish populations in US/UK/Europe along with their disproportionate political,economic and media influences has aided Zionism greatly.

      Individuals like Janner are protected not for being Jewish per se, a Jewish bin man would probably have been nicked on day one, but because of his status as a Zionist agent of influence.

      • Michael Morris

        No Janner is protected because he is an establishment figure, whether Zionist or not.

        Many non Zionist paedos in the establishment are also protected.

      • Sabre

        Michael, Establishment figures are being protected because they are the place men of powerful lobbies and vested interests, one of the most powerful lobbies is the Zionist one.

        We all know that non Jews and non Zionists are also being protected, there are other lobbies and vested interests !

    • Michael Morris

      and your point is?

  4. pongo

    all facts Gojam please check

  5. This country is a complete sham of democracy, thanks gojam.

    Would you happen to have a list of organisations/survivors whose voice has been quelled/crushed/denied by corrupt public servants, say in the last 20 years? It would be good to get it onto the record, I’d say.

  6. Michael Morris


    I don’t seem to be able to reply to your previous post, so will do so here.

    You say: “Michael, Establishment figures are being protected because they are the place men of powerful lobbies and vested interests, one of the most powerful lobbies is the Zionist one.

    We all know that non Jews and non Zionists are also being protected, there are other lobbies and vested interests !”

    In that case then hundreds or thousands of various interest groups are specially going out of their way to protect paedophile rings, because in some cases their group members are involved? That sounds highly dubious to me.

    A much more realistic conspiracy is that the whole political establishment, and the security services have their own reasons for cover-ups. From self interested politicians to dirty trick security services caught out aiding and abetting horrendous crimes on children.

  7. artmanjosephgrech

    This is the kind case which the proposed People’s tribunal should focus on

  8. Barrie J

    Paedophilia has been state sanctioned for at least the last thirty five years.
    Crimes that where pursued would have occasioned lengthy custodial sentences have not been investigated and where they have, the security services have colluded to obstruct and remove evidence.
    This is no ‘conspiracy theory’, we are governed by criminals.

    Don’t think for a moment that voting is going to solve this.

    • Sabre

      More and more of the great unwashed are realising that the LibLabCon 1 Party presenting as 3 Parties is at best useless and at worst utterly corrupt. UKIP ( ultra Tories mopping up working class votes at the same time with lies re immigration control and now tax reform) are tasked to take up the slack. Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose!

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    #AND2014 – Not proud of my country and the way these Government’s cover-up abuse scandals by so many Lord’s! Disgraceful !!!!

  10. Are you going to open a new blogpost on prisoner voting – ECHR vs UK Govt? Bearing in mind the State has ignored and deliberately blinkered themselves to some criminals and appears to be conducting political trials and incarceration for political opposition might it be a good idea for prisoners to have the opportunity to vote? Where I spent my early years opposition politicians are routinely locked up in the run up to elections. UK is not far behind that now with ACPO’s collusion.

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