Spot The Paedophile Competition

More than one chance to win!!




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14 responses to “Spot The Paedophile Competition

  1. Easier than hitting a cow’s arse with a banjo!

  2. sxjack

    Blimey, better odds than Spot the Ball. I could win this. Easily.

  3. Jeremy Stocks

    See they’ve collectively decided to bomb Syriaq.

    “No paedophiles were harmed during the making of this decision”

  4. steve

    easier NOT TO spot one

  5. gravile janner

    id have a go at this but im senile you know.

  6. tazzdevil


  7. Liam Corcoran

    william hagues twitter page showz empty benches, which is what the result would be if he had done his investigations.

  8. Sabre

    Although the extent of his investigation was probably a discreet briefing by a cabinet office official and a special branch officer.

  9. Sabre

    Billy and Leo went to Sodom and Gomorrah on a State sponsored jolly up and complained of the overly repressive atmosphere at SodGom.

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