Simon Danczuk MP On Lord Janner’s Sudden ‘Dementia’ Defence


“I have seen him in Parliament and he looked in quite good health to me. I’m not surprised to learn that he’s been attending the Lords quite regularly until recently.” – Simon Danczuk

The Mirror



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21 responses to “Simon Danczuk MP On Lord Janner’s Sudden ‘Dementia’ Defence

  1. GMB

    Don’t worry Simon bigger fish than Janner to fry – get the oven on. This one is going to dwarf them all.

  2. Why did the police raid Janner’s home and office in December 2013 and yet put off questioning him until May 2014? Could it have something to do with Frank Beck not only naming Janner but policemen too? Pity the News of the World no longer exists otherwise we might get some nice pics if how Janner spends his leisure hours.

    • Sabre

      Don’t kid yourself about the News of the World. All of Fleet St has known a lot more than most of us will ever know about Janner for decades.

  3. Miss B.

    Not sure what to make of this, but certain types of dementia – particularly vascular dementia – can actually happen rapidly following a stroke. I’ve seen an elderly person go from being a person who is able to do crosswords, follow the plot of their favourite TV soaps, understand current affairs and politics and do their regular shopping errands to someone who is totally disorientated with regard to time and place, thinks their long-deceased parents are still alive and doesn’t even know who her son/daughter is within 24 hours of breaking a hip and being hospitalised. This particular person never recovered or made any improvement mentally or physically, remained in late stage dementia going downhill and died two and a half years’ later in a care home.

    • Sabre

      Don’t disagree with a word of your post.
      You must on the other hand forgive the suspicions of those of us discussing this particular case given that the Police were told to back pedal a quarter of a century before this ‘dementia’ struck.

      • Miss B.

        Well it is the truth, because that person was my mother who died 14 months’ ago, Sabre.

      • Miss B.

        Apologies Sabre, totally misread your post. Yes, it does seem naturally seem suspicious when we’re told somebody has sudden onset dementia at the exact time that they are about to be questioned on a criminal investigation.

    • Sabre

      My condolences with respect to your mother Miss B. Most of us misread things from time to time.

  4. harvey wallbanger

    I am told by those in the know that the israelis said if janner is prosecuted
    then there will be severe reprisals, this was taken to mean a possible bomb outrage which no doubt would be blamed on the arabs, it usually is.
    But what Yuri geller said is right, ‘ in jewish law its fine to have sex with young boys its now wrong or sinful a slong as the child is not jewish’
    janner was only obeying jewish law

  5. sxjack

    According to that article, Janner attended the Lords almost every other day in 2013 until the 2 day police investigation in December 2013, when he disappeared from view, having caught rapid onset dementia. How spooky is that? Rapid onset dementia? See, you don’t know what’s around the corner, compos mentis one day and then suddenly, boof, it’s gone. Almost unbelievable, isn’t it?