If I Had A Hammer

The Friday Night Song


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4 responses to “If I Had A Hammer

  1. angelo

    Wasn’t it Peter Yarrow who was arrested for making sexual advances toward 14 y.old girl…??? What an appropriate choice…;-D!

    • Sabre

      They get everywhere, Gojam should be stoned to death in the market square for failing to vet some second rate songster from yesteryear?

      Perhaps an enhanced background check should have been carried out on the production company? The video crew? The caterers?

  2. If Shirlz chose that then her musical taste is as bad as yours!

    • In Shirlz defence, she didn’t.

      I like to mix it up a little and I remember having to sing that song at junior school assemblies along with ‘Morning has broken’. That would be in the late 1970s.