25,000 Paedophiles Identified In The UK

But most will never be caught…


A nationwide investigation into online paedophilia has netted more than 25,000 people suspected of viewing child abuse images in Britain.

Operation Notarise has led to 660 arrests. However, the National Crime Agency says that it will never be able to pursue all of those caught up in the inquiry. “There will always be more people than we are able to investigate at any one time,” a spokesman said. “We cannot arrest our way out of this.”

The true scale of the inquiry, which began this year, can be disclosed as the agency faces pressure from politicians over its record on dealing with online child abuse.

Last week it emerged that a hospital doctor and a deputy head teacher were left free to commit sex offences for more than a year after the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP), which is part of the agency, failed to share intelligence on them and more than 2,300 other suspects with police forces.

The Times

The police complaints watchdog is investigating the agency’s handling of the intelligence and Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, is expected to criticise the agency’s record when she addresses the Labour party conference tomorrow.



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7 responses to “25,000 Paedophiles Identified In The UK

  1. Terry B

    Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into another shambles like Operation Ore and the police and CPS do things properly this time.

  2. nuggy

    suspected. of doing it and doing it are 2 different things and a lot of newspapers cant seem to tell the difference..

  3. dpack

    if the evidence is collected why can they not” arrest their way out of this “it might take a while but time is time.and the evidence will wait until used .
    to find and protect the models/performers might be a very good use of limited resources.

    more resources might be a very good idea on both tactics

    a slightly odd thought is that there might be a policy of not arresting/trying/ jailing/probationing etc a huge number of offenders because that would need extra resources,

  4. tazzdevil


  5. I’ve emailed Gojam… but Im trolling! in tell it get’;s posted! :D (flickering my eyelashes, looking all lost and vulnerable)

    I don’t make apologies very often! :D

    but I was out of order on one of my comments (Saturday night?)… I know it’s no excuse, and I was slightly drunk… but I get well and truly fucked off with it all Gojam! I really do… but I come to The Needle because your one of the best blogs out their regarding ‘the issue’.

    It’s obviously something you know about, expertly researched and knowledgeable in… and I admire that, and I respect you and your team for doing what you do, on almost a nightly basis. I forget who’s who and what’s what so to speak… it’s not just the issue of ‘child abuse’ I research, and my mind (soul) is torn in two researching the things I do… it gives me no right to hurl abuse (especially over tinternet!) to yourself or your readers…

    I can only apologise, and hope you except it.

    Have some Neil Diamond! :D


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