Janie’s Got A Gun

Friday night song.

For my friend K



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10 responses to “Janie’s Got A Gun

  1. This evening… we’re thinking more ‘Alabama 3 – Woke Up This Morning’… got yourself a gun :D

    I Woke up this morning… the world turned upside down

    • OK Shirlz, you can pick next week. Think on it and let me know.

      • whatever!
        Me do!
        You follow order!

        ‘If Rothschild aint backing down… we got a problem’… real one!’

      • Why? when I know your a fraud?

      • Apologies.. sincere apologies… :'( it will be another ‘whitewash’ gojam… just another cover-up, The Establishment is so well protected, corruption is ingrained into the system, at ALL levels.

        ‘Apologies to those I may be being a bit ‘short tempered’ with… I had EVERYTHING riding on Scottish Independence…. a lot of people did. 2014… war in Europe, missing planes, shot down planes, another whitewash child abuse inquiry, ISIS and Mossad carving up middle east, the annihilation of Gaza… AN MI5/CIA RIGGED SCOTTISH ELECTION.’

  2. godhelpus

    Great choice!

  3. trippytaka

    Interesting choice-Steve Tyler being kind of creepy and all…

    • Kaz

      Not a story I had seen, to be fair.
      I chose it more for the lyrics than anything….

      Janie’s got a gun
      Her dog day’s just begun
      Now everybody is on the run
      Tell me now it’s untrue.
      What did her daddy do?
      He jacked a little bitty baby
      The man has got to be insane

  4. Slightly puzzled that no-one I can find has anything to report about the appearance of David Tombs (Peter McKelvie’s old boss, I think) before the scrutiny committee of Worcestershire County Council last wednesday, which was looking to “ensure no cover-up occurred in Worcestershire” in respect claims made concerning the Righton case.


    I don’t know whether the appearance did in fact take place. If it did, it doesn’t seem to have been reported.

    I’d have thought journalists at Exaro, etc., might have been looking into that.