Home Affairs Select Committee 9th Sept 14

The current Chief Constable David Crompton QPM, and former Chief Constable Meredydd John Hughes CBE QPM, South Yorkshire Police.


Joyce Thacker OBE, Strategic Director for Children, Young People and Families, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, and Rotherham Council’s chief executive Martin Kimber.


Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.


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2 responses to “Home Affairs Select Committee 9th Sept 14

  1. sxjack

    Thanks Gojam, that’s a very useful compliation

  2. artmanjosephgrech

    If only “activists” would pay more attention to what is said and the way it is said in Parliamentary statements, questionings, debates and select committee meetings they would appreciate that there is now opportunity for change which will be heralded at the Party Political Conferences and in the General Election 2015 manifestos and as the Police and the Justice system progress the hundreds of ongoing inquiries taking place throughout England and Wales.

    It is in this context that trying to derail again the Home Secs Hillsborough style documentation review on the institutional failure to care and protect is irresponsible especially as unlike Hillsborough we know the main findings already in the sense that Conservative and Labour Governments and individual Ministers knew the extent and the nature of the crimes of violence, including sexual being committee against children, young people and vulnerable adults, including the allegations against politicians and other high profile individuals and of the decision taken to cover up in the national interest.

    Which Minister knew what and when and who told them, the Party whips, , individual backbenchers, the security services, the police, Cabinet officials, other senior civil servants, the Social Services and Probation Inspectorates, individual Directors of Social Services, Investigative journalists at national and regional and local level would take several years and involve several hundred million pounds given the legal implications and could not commence until police and justice system inquiries were completed. It has to be remembered that Leveson was only the first part of the investigation agreed by the three Party political Leaders.

    In the meantime survivors and the families of those who did not survive are left angry, frustrated and without a meaningful sense of justice. What is needed is a separate inquiry into what has happened to survivors, what help was provided if any with how many have had children removed into care and enforced adopted. All survivors should be given the opportunity to participate, to have their story formally recorded, to have all issues involving the original crimes committed against them and their subsequent treatment investigated if they wish and to be provided help.

    At the moment I see no national or political strategy and no plan. I had hoped the issue would be the major domestic subject at the Party Political conferences whereas now it will be recriminations over the Scottish referendum, the biggest political blunder by the Conservative and Labour Parties of all time but which also reveals the inadequacy of present parliamentary and Party Political system and of the incompetence of those who advised.