William Hague Knew In 1996 About Sir Peter Morrison

According to the former member of parliament Giles Brandreth

William Hague

The first, and only, official acknowledgement of my predecessor’s possible involvement in child abuse came my way in 1996, when William Hague, then Secretary of State for Wales, came up to me in the Commons to let me know that he had ordered an inquiry into allegations of child abuse in care homes in North Wales between 1974 and 1990 — and that Morrison’s name might feature in connection with the Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham, 12 miles from Chester.

Daily Mail

‘Luckily’, though William Hague had the foresight to draw up the Terms of Reference for The Waterhouse inquiry so narrowly that no one from outside of the care homes faced justice.

But he knew! He knew and should now be asked how much he knew !



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9 responses to “William Hague Knew In 1996 About Sir Peter Morrison

  1. steve

    Oh come on they all knew or had heard about this but there told to keep quiet there as complicit as the perps who committed these crimes,we all they stick together,even now there all lying to the people of Scotland,and they lie to us each and every day,there needs to be at least one amongst them that as some morals to speak out,but don’t hold your breath

  2. Of course he and Ministers in Tory and Labour Governments knew. Norman Tebbit revealed so on Andrew Marr Show. The issue is which officers advised and why

  3. Hold on a minute! Brandreth says “luckily” Hague was able to cover up for morrison and friends? How on earth is that “lucky” and why has Brandreth himself waited so long? Reacently he has made claims that he was himself abused at prep school,(although not to the degree the boys in homes were abused). He then went on to state that it has barely affected him throughout his life as if to say being abused is part of growing up and anyone can get past it. What a piece of work he is.

  4. dpack

    am i correct in thinking so far about a dozen charged and about 60 the potentially could be charged but awaiting processing by pallial?

    i wonder if there might be any potential conspiracy to pervert the course of justice charges among the evidence they have collated.

  5. dpack

    oops the =that

  6. mcbridey

    Rod Richards said two years ago that he must have known.

  7. tazzdevil


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