Ian Paisley Knew About Child Abuse At Kincora.

Ian Paisley was told about William McGrath 8 years before he was convicted on at least 7 occasions.


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  1. Paisley wife made a baroness For. What Think about it

  2. ‘the only good Catholic is dead Catholic’ – Dr Ian Paisly … BURN IN HELL PAISLEY! burn in hell my son!
    (what I would have given to garot the bastard)

  3. dpack

    some of those “prominent ni protestants” were assets for elements of the security services
    some of the “prominent ni republicans”(although not recruited via the kincora events)could also be described as assets of elements of the security services.
    somewhere in the kincora threads there are several references to paisley being told on a variety of occasions about kincora ,mcgrath etc etc .

    apart from pointing to the two part nature of the control of the troubles and confirming that paisley was told i cant add much to this thread as chrisb has summed up the overall situation with regards to this issue rather tidily and adding further details seems unnecessary .

  4. chrisb

    In the 60s, Paisley cheered on the RUC (the former police force of NI) when they attacked Catholics marching peacefully asking for equal rights to Protestants in NI. Had the peaceful protests delivered reform in NI, the Republicans would not have found the support needed for their violent campaign.

    The Kincora scandal should also be placed in context. The final post-1997 peace settlement was close to the principles of the Sunningdale Agreement in the mid 1970s, a peace agreement to which Paisley was opposed. This Catholic-Protestant partnership was brought down by a strike reportedly organised by elements in MI5. Paisley was therefore in debt to those elements in the intelligence services, which had preserved Protestant dominance in NI. Paisley was hardly able therefore to expose MI5’s role in blackmailing prominent NI Protestants who had abused adolescents in the children’s homes.