Extracts From The Jay Report: The 2006 Heal Report


10.23 The main findings of the 2006 report were:

a) The situation in 2006 in Rotherham was described as continuing ‘as it has done for a number of years’, with an established sexual exploitation scene which was very organised and involved systematic physical and sexual violence against young women;

b) It also involved young women being trafficked to other towns and cities predominantly in the north;

c) The level of intimidation, physical beatings and rape amongst exploited girls was considered by multi-agency staff to be very severe and their situation to be very serious. None of the perpetrators were believed to use substances which would contribute to such levels of violence;

d) It was reported that a number of workers in the town involved with the issue believed that one of the difficulties which prevented CSE being dealt with effectively was the ethnicity of the perpetrators;

e) The author emphasised the importance of the attitude taken to these crimes and to the victims, particularly by the Police and children’s social care;

f) The most significant recent development had been a rise in reports of gunsbeing seen rather than used by men involved in CSE in Rotherham and Sheffield; and

g) There had been a high-profile media campaign about the trafficking from Eastern Europe of young women and girls for the purposes of prostitution. Whilstlaudable in itself, the abuse of local girls for the same purpose appeared to be largely ignored.

The Jay Report


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