Extracts From The Jay Report: The 2003 Heal Report


10.22 The main findings of the 2003 report were:

a) most of the men in South Yorkshire who were involved in the sexual exploitation of young people for the purposes of prostitution were also believed to be involved in drug dealing. They might also be involved in rape, violence, gun crime, robbery and other serious criminal offences;

b) Rotherham was described as not having a ‘street scene’ but there were a ‘significant number of girls and some boys who are being sexually exploited’;

c) Some of the young women who were being sexually exploited were subject to violence, rape, gang rape, kidnap, carrying drugs, dealing drugs, and found in situations where firearms were present;
d) Four brothers who had been targeting young women for their own and others’ gratification were identified as the main focus of concern for Risky Business;

e) The Police recalled one 12-year old who described being taken to a hotel by some men and being made to watch while her 14-year old sister had sex with them. They spoke of another young girl who was doused in petrol as a threat against reporting sexual offences. Another 14-year old was selling drugs for one of the main perpetrators, who had been very violent towards her and her mother. This man’s brother tried to strangle another young girl;

f) A significant number of the girls involved got pregnant; and

g) Anger, depression and acts of self-harm by the girls involved were evident in many from a very early stage.

The Jay Report


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