Extracts From The Jay Report: Child J (‘Key Information Missing From File’)


5.32 Child J (2009) had a long history of neglect and child protection. She was 11 years old when she was identified as being at risk of sexual exploitation as well as sexual abuse within her family. Her older sister was a victim of sexual exploitation and the perpetrators were successfully prosecuted. Key information about Child J is missing from the electronic social care file. When she was 14 years old it was suspected she was visiting the homes of adult male strangers and possibly coercing other children to accompany her. A Strategy meeting chairperson clearly identified action that needed to be taken to protect Child J. There is no evidence on the file that appropriate action was taken. There was virtually nothing recorded on the file about the risks she faced, despite information being held elsewhere in children’s social care that she was accompanying her older sister to high-risk situations where she was
exposed to exploitation by adult males.

The Jay Report


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  1. witheld

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  2. dpack

    i spose i need to read the whole thing ,but im not sure im strong enough.