Extracts From The Jay Report: Child C (Mother Blamed For Not Accepting Her 14 Year Old Was “Growing Up”)


5.23 Child C (2002) was 14 when sexual exploitation was identified. She was referred several times to children’s social care between 2002 and 2004 because of family breakdown. She was described as being out of control. Her mother voiced her concerns about Child C being sexually active, going missing and repeated incidents of severe intoxication when she had been plied with drink by older males. Several initial assessments were carried out and some family support was offered. The case was then closed. The social worker’s assessment was that Child C’s mother was not able to accept her growing up. In fact, she was displaying what are now known to be classic indicators of child sexual exploitation from the age of 11. By the age of 13, she was at risk from violent perpetrators, associating with other victims of sexual exploitation, misusing drugs, and at high risk. She was referred to Risky Business whose staff identified these risk factors and addressed them through a planned programme of preventive work.

The Jay Report



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One response to “Extracts From The Jay Report: Child C (Mother Blamed For Not Accepting Her 14 Year Old Was “Growing Up”)

  1. LJMT

    What an extraordinary and blinkered definition of “grown up” centering around a capacity (not even ability) to be sexually used these people were employing. Shows how infantile the permissive society made so many. But also mixed with a toxic assurance that they were beyond contradiction, contemporary, “sexy” and cool. Meanwhile the unnurtured soul of the person cried out in unnoticed agony….

    It must change.