Edward Heath: The Paedophile Prime Minister.

“It was ‘common knowledge’ among Conservatives that Sir Edward had been given a stern warning by police [for cottaging] when he underwent background checks for the post of Privy Councillor.” – The Daily Mail
Many thanks to T for contacting me with this very interesting snippet of information concerning Edward Heath. I’ve had to strip down what he has told me so as not to identify him but this unredacted extract gives the gist of the allegations.
“the producer told me that years before when he was an assistant editor in a cutting room in Wardour Street he used to get his holiday photos developed at a shop in Wardour Street and one day the shop was raided by the police because the owner was dealing in pornography or at least that was the presumed reason. During the raid, a distribution list was discovered which had Ted Heath’s name on it also Patrick Moore’s and it was for “kiddie porn” as it was termed in those days. I do not know how he got this information about the list but apparently “everyone in Wardour Street” knew about it.”
It reminded me of a very strange court case involving Boy George’s uncle (you really couldn’t make some of this stuff up) Kenneth O’Dowd in 1984 who alleged that he had compromising photographs of Edward Heath . The news reports do not describe what the photographs that included Ted Heath depicted however he says that his former mistress “appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children”
According to The Glasgow Herald, O’Dowd produced a photocopied photograph of Edward Heath but it was “dismissed in court as a forgery”.
If you thought that was all very curious then I’m sure you’ll be intrigued about why Cecil Parkinson should take enough interest in this case to attend and observe part of the trial himself, as was John Stapleton and Nick Owen were…Intrigued  Watch this video 
Below are two stories about the trial from The Times.
January 19th 1984
A woman denied at the Central Criminal Court yesterday that she had appeared in pornographic photographs with Mr Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister. The woman, a mother of three children, whose former boy friend has pleaded not guilty to raping and assaulting her, said she had never met Mr Heath, or been photographed in indecent positions with men or children. The man has asserted that the charges against him have been fabricated by the woman and the police. “He says they wish to muzzle his evidence to bring to book certain persons, including the woman, who he says appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children”, the court has been told by Mr Stephen Mitchell, for the prosecution. The defendant had claimed he found photographs showing a man he recognized as Edward Heath and another man he has named as a Det Sgt Wallace. Mr Heath has denied being in the alleged photographs. The woman said in evidence yesterday that, although the defendant had taken some pictures of her undressed, they were of her alone. She said she had never been photographed with det Sgt Wallace or had sexual intercourse with him. Cross-examined by the defendant, she denied ever seeing a briefcase in her home with the initials “E.A.H.” on it. She also denied his allegation that she had been part of a prostitution ring. The trial was adjourned until today.

January 18th 1984

An accused man’s claim that he was framed by the authorities because he had discovered pornographic photographs of his lover, naked, In poses with Mr Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister, and a detective sergeant, were “wild and totally unfounded” the prosecution maintained at the Central Criminal Court yesterday. Mr Stephen Mlitchell, for the Crown, told a jury of seven women and five men that the allegations of the existence of such photographs had been made last October at the man’s first trial which was halted after three weeks and a new trial ordered. The defendant, aged 37, has pleaded not guilty to charges of raping and assaulting his former mistress, aged 32, a mother of three daughters. The defendant claimed he had discovered five colour photographs in the jewel box of the woman with whom he lived at their flat in 1976, while they were living at Woolwich, south east London. Their young daughters were looking on allegedly as the woman posed on her bed. Mr Heath was said to have been in two of the photographs, and the detective Sergeant, Brian Wallace, in three of them. But, Mr Mitchell said, no such photographs existed,although the jury would probably spent a great deal of time listening to comments about them. The defendant also claimed that he had found a black briefcase, bearing an MP’s initials, in a cupboard at his former lover’s flat. Some photographs did exist, Mr Mitchell said. The woman remembered that she had once posed nude and semi-nude. But the existence of “the odd dirty photo” whould not have any great influence on the case, he said. The man was accused of threatening his former lover with a knife and a hammer after breaking into her home in September 1982, and raping and assaulting her. He was also accused of assaulting her in June of that year. The hearing continues.


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  3. callie

    I’m absolutely astounded that you managed to completely miss out the judge’s stern words for the wife-beating criminal who came up with this. He said it had been proved he was lying and it was a typical distraction technique.
    And here you all are, still distracted by it decades later.

  4. pathman1915

    My colleague and mate was a Quaker together with his wife they were live in caretakers at the Quaker meeting house.
    One morning my colleague was feeling sick at work and he explained the night before Ted Heath had made a speech .I am not sure if the speech was in the Quaker meeting house as I know there some very famous free speech public speaking venues close to this place and the Pitt Club where my neighbour Mrs West worked behind the bar.
    My colleague swore on religous oath that after Ted Heath finished his speech some young children were ushered in to the hall for Ted Heath’s evening entertainment.I worked with him sometime between 1973 and 83 probably at the end of this period.His young daughter ran the CSU and was entertainments secretary entertaining an Animal.Her father was not impressed by this aging rock star

  5. joekano76

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  8. Very strange. I lived in Shooters Hill, close to Boy George’s family’s house in the 80’s. One night a group of us (in our teens) found ourselves surrounded by armed police, staking out the house – we were directed another route and told to keep clear by a copper. Rumours immediately flew around that they were after Boy george’s uncle. Nothing appeared in the news, never been able to find anything about it.

  9. Ninoinoz

    I was reminded of this case involving Heath after reading this article from Jay Rayner.


  10. This is an excellent and valuable piece of the story. Thanks.

  11. LJMT

    At the risk of stating the plonkingly obvious all politicians have political enemies so in the reasoning above all would be pure as the driven snow in all matters- sexual, financial, ethical, the lot.

    Elephantine flaw in the reasoning of the little grey cells, n’est-ce pas?

    • dpack

      they were plausibly (successfully) targeted by a common enemy.
      that does not mean they were guilty or innocent of anything mentioned(or apparently concealed) at the time or subsequently.

  12. dpack

    heath , plausibly closet gay,
    plausibly found cottaging ,
    he had a boat and a few butch sailor chums,
    definitely targeted by political enemies.

    wilson ,strait,
    maybe more than chummy with his secretary, plausibly not ,
    perhaps a bit chummy with mossad ,probably not chummy with moscow,
    “mr worthington” said he was in fear of his life from his political enemies.

    thorpe , half open closet door gay,
    rinkagate etc,
    definitely targeted by political enemies.

    the common theme is political enemies ,
    who gained by harming all three of those chaps?
    was this domestic or should it be seen in a broader context?

    sometimes the ticking from parts of the old clockwork is so loud it can conceal the unrecorded whispers of the clockmakers.

  13. LJMT

    Thanks for the Daily Mail article. I have been saying for some time that gay men are massively OVERrepresented in Parliament in relation to their numbers in the population. It was on a gay blog- I read across a number of blogs to see who thinks what- that I first read an insightful comment about how gay men and straight women want the world to move in exactly opposite directions. We just want completely different things. If all sections of the population are represented proportionately in Parliament and by the EU a working compromise between the interests of all people can be worked out. But the interests of children- particularly with regard to their sexuality, or not-yet-sexuality to which they have firm and inalienable rights- has been trashed and sold down the river. As also the interests of straight married parents, and especially women.

    I have been shocked by coming across how fearful mildly disabled parents have become about having their children taken away, even though they are good, loving and organised parents. Things are so rotten.

    “The state is out of joint. Oh cursed spite,
    That ever I was born to set it right”

    says Hamlet, and procrastinates….Many on here do not procrastinate and I have deep respect for what Gojam and others are doing. Many of us are not central players, but every little counts, and helps the fightback to gather momentum.

  14. Tom

    Interesting but if Heath was a paedophile why haven’t the children he supposedly abused come forward in later life? He remained a very well-known figure.These could just as easily be planted smears by his many enemies in the establishment.

    • Andy Barnett

      This snippet from a radio interview with Michael Shrimpton might help, Tom. http://youtu.be/v9ABUEu4XlU Whether he’s telling the truth I cannot say, but it would explain why Heath’s victims have not come forward.

      • Shrimpton is a liar and a fraud.
        As previously noted, making allegations about having seen “someone of note” in child pornography or having been in child porn with “someone of note”, is of zero evidentiary value if you can’t produce the materials. Less than zero, actually, because you have to explain not only why you don’t have copies of the alleged porn material but also why NO ONE ELSE DOES, either. As for allegations of Heath disposing of alleged victims at sea…why wouldn’t this woman in the story have been murdered and dropped in the ocean, also? How could there be any witnesses to Heath having done such nefarious deeds – wouldn’t any & all witnesses have ended up on the ocean floor as well? Saville may well have been a serial child-groper, he certainly had plenty of opportunity, but there’s no evidence of a “Saville ring”. I recall that police were going to look into allegations that Saville was involved in a satanic abuse cult. How’s that investigation going? No where? What a surprise…
        “The defendant” in the above news stories was accused of assaulting a raping a woman. He fits a very common pattern of sexual criminals who attempt to portray THEMSELVES as “the real victim” by claiming to be whistleblowers. Like scumbag Delmart Vreeland here:

    • anon

      Ah yes, like Mi5 smearing a Home Secretary over visits to a child brothel. Such an easy get out.

    • anna

      A lot of the children heath abused,happened on his yacht Morning Glory???Morning Cloud?????not sure of the name,and the children raped/murdered were taken from the local childrens home in Jersey ,Haute le garenne??(sorry if spellings are wrong) by jimmy so-vile .

      The poor children were – raped ,abused and killed on the yacht and their bodies thrown overboard …………….no bodies …..no proof , no evidence,no one will ever know what happened to those poor children,and to be honest as they were in care sadly no one cared

    • Mazoo

      If they were young disadvantaged kids who couldn’t read and of course did not have access to the internet as we do today, maybe they didn’t recognise Heath? Maybe years later they have ended up in dire circumstances like other abuse victims and have never had the inclination to come forward or thought anyone would believe them?

    • paul franklin

      rumours are the kids were often thrown over board from the boat hence no evidence

    • Victoria Laidlaw

      Pedophiles are everywhere high up. They kill children

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    Makes you wonder

  16. anon

    Is the MSM omerta on this going to break? Which outlet has the minerals?

  17. TinaBee

    Jokes aside and keep going. Message of support. Keep on keeping on. Keep taking the dark to the light. It’s all any of us, with a conscience, can do. The truth in the end WILL prevail. Thanks :-)

  18. Anon

    Have any other Privy Councillors caught counselling in Privies?