The Friday Night Song

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  1. how about… Donovan?
    the ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’…

    (taking form the brilliant movie ‘Zodiac’… I developed a VERY PLAUSIBLE and ‘quite breath-taking’ theory, stating the unsolved ‘Zodiac’ murders of late 60’s/early 70’s (San Francisco area) where carried out by a GROUP of ‘Vietnam Vets’/’Solders’… no ‘MO matches up, military connections/cover up… I could elaborate (that was my night course!)

    Donovan – Atlantis
    I can put forward a viable and plausible, scientific and archaeological argument for ‘the existence of an advance and highly forward thinking ‘Lost Civilisation’ (Atlantis)

    ‘the most depressing time of the year’… 9/11! (Israel, Rothschild and Zionism’

    Good evening Needle! ;)