Peter Mandelson and the Welsh student


In January 2003, several UK newspapers reported  that “two former Labour ministers” were on a list of 7,272 Operation Ore suspects that had been leaked to News International title the Sunday Times.

None of the papers named the two former ministers, but on 2nd February 2003, the News of the World (another News International title) reported that Peter Mandelson had been one of the names on the list, but the article went on to clear Mr Mandelson’s name – “There is no suggestion that the real Peter Mandelson is involved“.

It turned out that there had been a ‘mix up’ and the ‘Peter Mandelson’ on the Ore list wasn’t in fact the former Labour minister, but a student from West Wales (or maybe South Wales?), whose credit card had allegedly been stolen and then used by the thief to access the ‘Real Lolita’ website.

According to the News…

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4 responses to “Peter Mandelson and the Welsh student

  1. I wonder why the credit card wasn’t run, it would have taken milliseconds, and the relevant Mandelson traced.

    Next take the date time and IP address from the server logs that the FBI would have obtained and check with the relevant ISP which subscriber had the IP address leased at the relevant date and time.

    Next raid both premises (assuming that it’s not just one premises involved) seizing documents and computer equipment.

    The card holder has some explaining to do unless he reported his card compromised previously.

    The internet user has some questions to answer too.

    The guardians of the State could then have made an example of wrongdoers whilst preserving Mandelson’s reputation as a mere crook and warmonger.

  2. Terry B

    Operation Ore was handled incredibly badly by the police and CPS.

    Basically if your name was on the landslide database the police thought they had you bang to rights. If you pointed out you had nothing on your computer and claimed you were a victim of credit card fraud the CPS used the incitement law and pressed ahead with the prosecution anyway.

    In one case I read about an English judge said, after convicting someone, that he found it impossible to believe a web master would be involved in defrauding his own customers.

    The webmaster, Thomas Reedy, was sentenced to 180 years in federal prison and was alleged to have links to the Gambino organised crime family.

    Anyone interested should read the articles on PC Pro by Duncan Campbell and the below gives a good summary;

    I don’t doubt that some guilty parties got away with it but it’s clear that some innocent people also had their lives ruined.

  3. LJMT

    Can anyone find another Peter Mandelson in the UK as when I have run the name on various people searches I come across only one- in the whole UK? No doubt my searches are incomplete!

    I shall try free BMD and see what I come up with. No doubt I am so incompetent I shall only find one there too!! I will report back should I manage to find a likely Welsh student called Peter Mandelson, though it is not one of the usual Welsh surnames….

  4. LJMT

    One born in 1953 (the real one) and one in 1973, and then no more, though the website only takes one as far as 1983 (December). What is clear is that at most there will be three in the whole UK, possibly 4, and improbably 5 at the outside at this kind of rate of frequency, so a remarkable coincidence appears to have allegedly occurred.