Interesting Comment Left On Maltby Blogger

I’d be grateful for any information concerning this comment left on 05/09/14.

I’d like to know who Colin Marshall is and ‘Joe’ and ‘Karen’ so that I can investigate these allegations.

Many thanks.


after all this hell, facts; a 15 yr old Joe, was killed I’m sure ,by accident by the groomer, Colin Marshall, with heroin, as heroin does with children, he was under a care order and was fostered at Bradford social services at the time, joyce created a problem for me at this point her boss was implicated and her friend too, normal day’s work to them, rather than pass on info to prosecuting authorities, ie murder, she decided to with-hold that and inform me that ‘we are the police,’ ‘if you goto the police you will have a fucking problem,’ ‘we control this city,’ her sidekick Anne Revell now dep director education stoke on trent told me that ‘joyce will make stuff up and destroy you, ie you are a heroin dealer and a known homo, the pakis will destroy you we will tell them where you live (one is a now dead 9/7 bomber from waverly ave Bradford who I had known since he was little, they backed off from me cos I know where his parents live this was an attack situation where he had a team that was about to do me in, he recognised that we knew each other and they backed off, it was not the first attack like this, situations like this made joyce ‘really angry,’) the only word for joyce is ‘she is the terrorist,’ fuck you joyce again and again fuck you again and again, do not take any offense by those of different religions as we are the same my not the dickheads who proclaim to be just like slimeball thacker Christo bollocks stuff, murder is murder and joyce is a key witness for prosecution in this fucked up case, thanks joyce you ..nasty manager which is what she is, all she said was like the hairdressers chat about holidays and how hers was better than yours, a dead child at the end, now 1400 + of our kids not fighted for from the centre of Rotherham and Bradford this hell and a long hell that has had no justice or decency put upon it, we make the future! this is my honest interpretation angle of dealing with beyond human idiots like joyce my name is John Furniss my love to Karen who you bastards killedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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  1. Hello Gojam.

    You may want to take a look at this article form a local Bradford paper. It is not directly related to this post you cite but it may warrant a blog post by you in itself.

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  4. artmanjosephgrech

    the story has a horrible ring of truth about it one of many which I hope there will be established a UK system for independent investigation, support, and action