Fiona Woolf Should Be Given A Chance !



It was all fairly predictable. You didn’t have to have special powers to recognise that whoever was appointed to chair the abuse inquiry would come under intense scrutiny and that some would excavate some tenuous reason why that person might be unsuitable.

For some, this is not a serious attempt to uncover the truth about child abuse over the last 50 years and the culpability of the authorities but a conspiracy theory, a game and to perpetuate that game anyone who was appointed as chair would have to be undermined.

But it’s not a game and many of those that are trying to make it into one are not survivors of child abuse themselves. They are just the empty vessels making the loudest noise.

Most survivors of child abuse don’t want their entire life to be overshadowed by their experiences in childhood. Most want closure and that can only happen if they are listened to now because survivors felt voiceless at the time they were abused and they want recognition and where possible, justice.

The Home Secretary was wise enough to announce the appointment of Graham Wilmer and Barbara Hearn as panel members. Frankly, the composition and balance of the Inquiry panel as a whole was always more important than who chaired it.

The announcement that Prof Alexis Jay, author of the recent report into abuse in Rotherham, will act as an expert adviser to the panel should also reassure.

More important than the composition and balance of the Inquiry panel will be the Terms of Reference and I await their publication.

But that didn’t stop people digging. So, here are the rather tenuous reasons I’ve seen the conspiracy theorists suggest should disqualify Fiona Woolf from chairing the Inquiry.

1) Fiona Woolf is Lord Mayor of London (one year term) and therefore an establishment figure.

2) In that capacity (not as an individual) she has been appointed as a member of a committee that Leon Brittan is on.

3) She is a tax lawyer and Jersey is a tax haven.

4) She once sponsored Lady Brittan £50 for charity.

Can we please give Fiona Woolf a chance ?

This is not a game!




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27 responses to “Fiona Woolf Should Be Given A Chance !

  1. Essentially people believe this is a case of those in power using and abusing the poor (which is nothing new in this country) and getting away with by virtue of the fact they are so well protected by their own.

    To make matters worse it is the victims who are treated like criminals, disbelieved, imprisoned, ignored, many have committed suicide and many are suffering psychologically and emotionally due to their experiences. This has been going on for decades.

    The government seems to doing what it can to appease rather than thinking things through or perhaps it’s fear.

    It has been the ‘common man’ who has progressed this thus far – no Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness, we want real people, real survivors and people with proven experience in social care other wise we’ll end up with scapegoats while the real abuse continues.

  2. Empty vessels making the loudest noise? I have never experienced child abuse thankfully. A game, I think not. Conspiracy theory or ‘ Conspiracy theory’, the former rather than the latter, The whole sorry mess hasn’t been going on for decades with no two malefactors being without knowledge or aid of each other has it? The conspiracy is there, the theories relate only to motives and methods. You have on more than one occasion stated that you could provide ‘private reassurances’. Your own post above clearly states her links to the financial mafia and you have yourself named one of her fellows on an important committee. I sincerely hope that you are right and I am wrong, however, at this remove, I see your optimism as touchingly naive.

  3. artmanjosephgrech

    Having advised the Home Sec ( not that any politician has ever taken my advice) that the panel should be chaired by a woman and have a majority of women, preferably mothers, three out of the four is a good result. My knowledge of Barbara Hern goes back over 30 years and she is person of great integrity and subject experience.

    My concern is that the misguided clamour for a survivor to participate of what is essentially a detailed look at paper will result in even more anger and distress when it realised that they individually will not be at centre with focus on the causes of the failure and need for further action, which is what happened re Hillsborough. The new time table means that the interim report will be part of the General Election campaign with the new Government having the final report recommendation early on to enable the appropriate recommended action to be initiated.

    PS what will all the Blogs and Twitter chat be about in the meantime?

  4. pete

    You don’t have to be a survivor of abuse to find it disgusting and horrific, surely.

    Conspiracy theory? It’s a conspiracy fact. The evidence is overwhelming isn’t it?

    Do you really think that an Establishment insider such as Woolf will investigate the Establishment in an impartial manner? And one from the heart of the beast, the evil City of London! Do me a favour. They always look after their own.

    I’ll wager that the terms of reference will be suitably narrow to facilitate their continuing cover up too

  5. pete

    Also, call me a cynic and you would be wrong, but aren’t Establishment enquiries always about covering up the truth, or delaying until it is safe to reveal it? Can you think of any recent past enquiries that shed any real light on anything? That exposed anything that was not already known to those who cared to find out for themselves?

    I can’t

  6. dpack

    the terms of reference and powers of investigation will be an indication of intent.

    i humbly suggest the following might be useful if an inquiry is intended to expose truth and find means to prevent future harm

    full registry access with archivist assistance.
    suspension of osa/dra for relevant evidence
    witness protection if the witness is at risk
    subpena powers over unwilling witnesses
    full access to any paperwork etc where ever it may be
    investigatory powers and resources
    an open brief as to collecting evidence
    an open time scale/budget etc
    to produce an initial report in say 6 months that includes a plan as to how to follow up the initial findings
    etc etc

    im sure folk could set the terms better than i just started to but if this is intended to identify what has happened and to find ways to avoid such things in the future rather than being another coverup /whitewash/distraction job like many previous inquiries into a variety of things it is the terms of reference and powers that will define the likely outcome .

    • With respect, You can forget all about ‘The Registry’. Intelligence info is used as the term suggests to build up a picture of a situation which informs ongoing intelligence operations ad infinitum. Intelligence agencies internally consume the product, share it with other intelligence agencies when and if they have an interest in so doing and use it to brief The PM and Cabinet via Cabinet Office officials. Before being presented to temporary political masters the information is ‘helpfully prepared’. Even the most banal and trivial intelligence information isn’t used in legal proceedings especially open proceedings, it would be the thin end of the wedge, they would leave themselves open to an application to the court for further disclosure, a judge would be left in the embarrassing position of unjustly refusing such an application, the security services would be left in the embarrassing position of refusing or falsifying. If pertinent information exists in ‘The Registry’ it should already have been used over the past decades to have mitigated the situation should it not? It hasn’t therefore it either doesn’t exist or its existence has to be denied because there’s no reason acceptable to public opinion for it not to have been used to mitigate the half century of official degeneracy. The intelligence services aren’t going to be able to say ” Well look chaps we have to consider a much bigger and more complex picture and frankly uncared for kids being fucked is a fact of life that unpleasant as it may be, on occasion, aids us in our work with infinitely more pressing issues, terribly sorry but there you have it”.

  7. Anon

    Let’s see how/whether the issues of the Geoffrey Dickens dossier and its contents are going to be handled by the inquiry before reaching for those Tin Foil hats.

    • What dossier, err I seem to recall leafing through it at one stage …., err it was referred to others …, err it’s around here somewhere let me think now …

  8. GMB

    Wot Dossier! 18.9.14.

  9. GMB

    Guildhall School of Music and Drama?

  10. Still furiously pedalling away whilst ensuring the back wheel doesn’t make contact with the ground.

  11. Andy Barnett

    I agree with Gojam and Simon Danczuk. We must give her a chance, otherwise this inquiry will never get started. We should also stop being so surprised the establishment have chosen a ‘safe pair of hands’ to investigate the establishment. We know this is not like other investigations; at the end of the day, the establishment will only tell us as much truth as the establishment feels its safe for us to know. So the person leading this inquiry has to be someone that can be trusted with state secrets. Hence the chair was always going to be someone we would call an ‘establishment figure’.

    Lets get this thing going and critique it as it proceeds.

    • Emma

      So what happens if her “chance” turns out to be the wrong decision? Will she be removed? What kind of calamity will that be? No – this is too serious a matter to take chances.

      • Andy Barnett

        I can see which way this is going and probably rightly so. As I said above, her ‘establishment’ credentials are not a problem for me; in fact I’d almost say there are necessary. However the known personal links to the Brittans are growing by the day and do risk a perception of bias. As much as I hate the thought of further delay, maybe we do need to push for another change of chair…. :( Dear, dear me. This is not good.

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  13. dpack

    for a meaningful inquiry those should be included and properly examined along with the widespread systematic failings/corruption of the “care”system,the justice system etc etc.

    im not sure the state is ready for the truth ,even an edited and safely in the past historical truth ,regarding those matters to be exposed to the public.

    • The Home Secretary, the PM and the Cabinet Office all know more than we do ( Which is after all the central scandal in all this!) , yet they blatantly hand us this. They have nothing but contempt for the Nation in general and the survivors of abuse are probably a tertiary consideration, if that. Gojam, there is no doubt in my mind as to your bona fides, your work on this topic has and hopefully will continue to be admirable, you seem to tolerate every view point from the politically incorrect to the politically extreme, from the helpful to the crank, I don’t care how I am viewed personally. I submit that Woolf is the wrong choice and those that nominated/ appointed her are to blame.

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  15. Very, very well put Jon.

    Of course that won’t stop the nuts who read nonsense like, well you know the conspiracy nuts some rave about, but its worth making the point.

  16. publish this comment (no profanity and it’s from the heart/soul)

    Im regarded as a joke to some in this ‘movement’, I’ve been accused of being a lot of things… I don’t do the Icke stuff, anything ‘supernatural’… Aanirfan and Coleman are spot on in what they publish!

    I came from EXTREMELY dark elements of MI5/British Intel… LET ME TELL YOU ALL SOMETHING NOW! The ‘conspiracy’ is very real, it’s extremely organised and sometimes very well hidden, and generations old… it hides behind Judaism (though some of the key players are not always ‘Jewish’)… NOTHING WILL STOP THIS PEOPLE UNLESS THE ‘CONSPIRACY’ IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY AND EXCEPTED BY PEOPLE SUCH AS ‘GOJAM’ AND OTHER COMMENTATORS.

    I knew nothing of child abuse, of paedophilia… and I never intended to… but it was something I discovered because of my research into MI6/Rothschild etc.
    I HAVE NEVER JOKED OR MIS-INFORMED REGASRDING CHILD ABUSE!!! (maybe with the term ‘Operation Paedogeddon’… but that’s it)

    I come here because you’re all much more educated, and informed on the issue than I am, and I thank you for it… BUT LET ME RETURN THE FAVOUR AND ASSURE YOU ‘THE CONSPIRACY’ (which is legal term, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to supply Class A’s etc) IS VERY REAL!

    JFK knew about it, attempted to expose and destroy it… Adolf Hitler took a different path… people have been talking about it throughout the 20th century. (CREDIBLE PEOPLE, WELL INFORMED AND CONNECTED PEOPLE)

    SO before you say ‘Conspiracy nut’ or ‘Tin foil hats’… listen what JFK had to say (he was NOT talking about Communism!) about Zionism/Rothschild/Satanism… EVERYONE in the room knew it, and CIA knew he would be killed for it

    Until some of you wake up to reality… you cannot help the victims, you cannot expose this for what it is… and you will not prevent it.

  17. ”and we intend to do it!”

    ”and we intend to do it!”

    mwah! JFK! RIP my Irish brethren! I LOVE YPOU JOHN!!! :’)

  18. AverageJoe

    Shirlz007 – Oh. my. god.
    Can only assume you are a MI5/6 plant.
    In which case, who cares what you say?
    If you are not a plant, I humbly suggest that rambling insanely about ‘Hitler’s other path’ in attempting to ‘expose and destroy’ the ‘conspiracy’ makes you sound – insane.
    Suggest you leave this topic to rational human beings.

    The naked heart of the Satanic Ritual Abuse & Mind Control fraud laid bare for all to see: “Children will be horribly abused unless and until you all agree to believe in my anti-semitic Illuminati conspiracy theory fantasies”.

    Now here is the reality and the truth;
    John Todd spread Illuminati & satanic cult conspiracy theory throughout the evangelical community in the US for decades. He was conviction of child molestation and rape and died in prison.
    Tony Alamo preached satanic cult control of the American government and all governing elites. He was convicted on 10 counts of transporting underage girls across state lines for sex, in 2009, and sentenced to 175 years in prison.
    Paul Bonacci claimed to be the central victim and unwilling participant in a vast ring of satanic/cia child prostitution, ritual murder and mind control run by political and financial elites – but Bonacci is also a convicted child molestor who claimed that a gay pedophile “alter” took control of him and forced him to molest little boys.
    Reverend James Bevel was a compatriot of Lyndon Larouche, who was an advocate for Bonacci while he was in prison, and who promoted the same conspiracy theory. “In May 2007, Bevel was arrested in Alabama on charges of incest committed sometime between October 1992 and October 1994 in Virginia. The accuser, one of his daughters, was 13–15 years old at the time, and lived with him in the Leesburg apartment. Three of his other daughters have also alleged that Bevel sexually abused them, although not with intercourse. Charged with one-count of unlawful fornication in Virginia, which has no statute of limitations for incest. His four-day trial in April 2008 included “testimony about Bevel’s philosophies for eradicating lust, and parents’ duties to sexually orient their children”. During the trial, the accusing daughter testified that she was repeatedly molested beginning when she was six years old”. – Wikipedia
    Bevel was convicted and sentenced to 15 years.

    THAT is the reality and the truth.

  20. GMB

    Give the lady a chance? She has no idea what this cover up is all about. The Fat Minister? ‘He is a mere speck of dust in all of this’ Source ‘M’ 2014.

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