Rotherham Councillors Connected To Taxi Firms.

This comment left on the excellent Rotherham Politics blog caught my eye.

Given that the BBC, HERE, are making it clear that Muslim taxi drivers contracted by Rotherham council to drive vulnerable girls from care homes accepted sexual favours as ‘payment’ for lifts (on top of billing taxpayers via the council), this information posted as a comment, that there are connections between Muslim councillors and a taxi firm (contracted to ferry girls ??) should be of interest.

I’ve just spoken to a ‘Rotherham insider’ who advised me that the names of Cllr Mahroof Hussain and Ex Deputy Leader Jahngir Akhtar are ones to watch out for as this story develops in the MSM.

It does not surprise me with Sajid Bostan as to what he said its true?
People like Sajid Bostan, Majid Bostan who have criminal records are still driving taxis for Goldstar Taxis, these two and the rest of the criminals have been given licence to driver public around.
There relatives Cllr Mahroof Hussain and Ex Deputy Leader Jahngir Akhtar were the ones who had quite word with licencing department to issue taxi plates and licences.
Sajid bostan and his criminals colleagues were the ones driving these vulnerable victims around The North.


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  1. trowelandtoothbrush

    Taxi driver Mohammed Ashraf rapes 14 year old girl in Edinburgh November 2012.

  2. Don’t bother trying to find out from the police how many moslem taxi drivers rape or sexually assault white women passengers daily, because even under FOI which by the way is the law, they refuse point blank to divulge that information. Probably under orders from Westminster in order to maintain “social cohesion” meanwhile they are getting away with absolute liberties without fear of being brought to book.