Akhtar…a spider at the centre of the taxi trade web

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It also named taxi firms involved in both grooming and the transportation of young girls for the purposes of their prostitution. Taxi drivers were critical to the industrialization of CSE, moving girls around sometimes even between towns.

Much has been made of Akhtars aggressive role in the Council, however what mustn’t be forgotten is his senior role in the local Taxi business.

For many years he was leader of the Taxi Drivers association, and himself was joint owner of a private hire firm. He is notorious among drivers for somehow getting himself a highly lucrative disabled taxi permit. Very cheaply.

Akhtar is now denying having knowledge of the extent of grooming until 2013, and by implication how taxis were used in the abuse and prostitution. Personally, I find this incredible.

Since becoming aware of the CSE issue on a couple of occasions when in taxis with drivers I could trust…

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  1. pauline

    It seems the old EX mayor of Milton Keynes,Subhan Shafiq is up to his neck in it,hees again made the local paper and been booed in the Council chambers he should be forced to resign as a councillor.


  2. edward james

    This was so similar to events in W W II when it was jewish taxi drivers, and also with men at the front many housewives got into debt and to feed the children many were pushed my the jewish moneylenders into prostitution
    they were hard days, i am now 78 years old and i have hard memories.

  3. trowelandtoothbrush

    I write worn down by being pilloried by the the empowered white middle class who seem to me now to be more mind controlled than the unemployed white. In Scotland at least there is discussion around the Reforendom and the middle classes are beginning to question their loyalty to out moded liberal lies. Many mistrust Alex Salmond as a smooth operator and wonder if Holy Greig was a hoax why he has never done anything to dispell it let alone address it as he has been called to do countless times. To many of us an independent Scotland is desirable but Salmond seems a tad too establishment himself. We shall see.
    It has to be said that whilst it seems to be the case that Asian interest has had a strangle hold on a number of Labour burghs in England it looks like they are just symptomatic of the disease of the King Pins who invited them here origonally; an establishment ancient, inherently corrupt and one that never had any parochial care for a people that were not after all their own but one they invaded centuries ago. When you factor into the equation that the accepted historic perspective is that they funded these campaigns with money borrowed from Jews from the start is it a wonder that Britain has always been at the mercy of the black art of Jewish banking? To my mind we are still under occupation in Britain from this network and I en devour not so much to request that this establishment changes into a fairer one, I believe it cannot, but that it is demolished all together. Non of these inquiries will ever give real satisfaction to survivors their is too much spookery and sticky involvement just for starters. The insulting offering of Butler Sloss was a display of that and they will be more careful given the cheering outrage that appointment illicit ed. We had Keith Vaz chairing an inquiry into child abuse who had A, been a solicitor for Islington Council at the time that Elm Tree was raided and laterly chiding Jack Straw for drawing attention to the sexually preditory behavior of young Asian men (I linked this last week on this blog the day of the Rotherham court case results). I wonder what went through his head as Simon DancZuk stated that the state had let down poor white boys and girls. I also stated I’d be checking out Ian Greer and chums. Info very thin on the ground for his recent movements. Much more low key these days. I’ll keep looking. How go things in North Wales?

  4. Trowel, refreshing to see that some one can see the difference between an imperial soldier and imperialists.

  5. trowelandtoothbrush

    that was to Sabre,

  6. Powell was a classical scholar, he alluded to Virgil’s Aeneid, ” … As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

    The Establishment knew that it was an honest fear, not a hope, he was trying to prevent future tragedy.
    It was dubbed ‘The rivers of blood speech’ to give the impression that it was a call to the plebeians to do murder.

    • trippytaka

      And if Powell looked backwards into English history did he see fluffy bunnies and love and peace and rivers of honey?

      • trowelandtoothbrush

        Powell’s business as a member of the ruling classes was not to sacrifice the British people into societies filled with cultural tensions because we did not have an exemplary record of peace. And further more the poor of Britain have not embraced the wars or invasions for which they are held culpable in the eyes of many nations. They have quite simply been thrown into them. I just want to say that I will not get into a discussion on the moral probity of Enoch Powell’s concerns for his country in 1968 suffice to say that he has been proven right.

      • No of course not, hardly an argument for making things even worse though is it.
        I guess you skipped classical scholarship !

    • trowelandtoothbrush

      Thank you an important clarification.

  7. trowelandtoothbrush

    Sorry I meant to say UNINTEGRATED and unreasonably politically communal.

  8. trowelandtoothbrush

    I’d like to open a dialogue around what British culture is. these are my personal thoughts and are pure conjecture based on historic fact .Pictish /Celtic culture is recorded by the Romans as being a culture where both sexes could rule, fight and lead spiritually. This was invaded by the patriarchal Roman empire who couldn’t bare for Bodicia to have her half of her land as Queen after her husband died although she was already sharing it with the Roman’s> They beat her and her daughters, some accounts say they raped the daughters in front of her. This is why she rebelled. The war like and patriarchal Saxons then followed with Christians, also patriarchal coming and converting at around the same time. Then came the Vikings who raped like mad as weapon of subjugation. Then on top of these cultures come the arrogant and politically sophisticated, not to mention highly patriarchal Norman Lords. An important part of the corrupt and cruel regime we live under in Britain today is the almost undiluted blood lines of those Norman Lords and Saxon aristocracy, in the form of Britain’s so called upper classes. It was then set. The poor, down trodden peasant classes mostly a mixture of Pict, Celt, Saxon under the ruling elite who borrowed from Jews to lubricate speculative ventures from roughly the twelfth century on. (Does that sound familiar?) Latterly we have as a poor white been tyrannized by the Liberal Middle classes for voicing discomfort at the behaviour of other, usually Patriarchal cultures, who have emigrated to Britain originally at the behest of the British Establishment after WWI I. A notable example of this is emigrants from Pakistan, a country it is worth remembering that was created by Britain in 1947. Poor white Britons are not consulted. Poor white Britons get no choice. And Enoch Powell is continually misrepresented.
    But Romans record finding a culture so Gender equal that they were shocked and considered it to be a symptom of a savage state. This was the country that Bodicia, knew and fought for. There her stayue stands on Westminster Bridge put there by patriarchal hypocrites and watching over today’s hypocrites who work for just the sort of system she was fighting against.
    For Early documents on the Celts at the time of the Roman invasion please see the work of Professor Ronald Hutton or read his book Blood and Mistletoe. This link details the currently accepted account of the Jewish relationship with the Normans in Britain. It comes further down but is very much worth a read http://www.historyofengland.net/kings-and-queens/the-norman-kings-1066-1154. This is moving stuff and pertinent to discussions of today, on Enoch Powell. the attached article claims his Arch Rival to have been: one Edward Heath. Er herm. Please please take the time at least to look at the Powell stuff. It is an example of how our decent leaders who to try to protect the ordinary white of this country are twisted into hate totems. He fore saw the issues discussed on this blog today if we allowed migrant populations in Britain to live here integrated and unreasonably politically communal. The inherent communalism of Rotherham’s Pakistani community has clearly been shamelessly exploited by the Labour council of that area who left child abusers to their devises in order to win a demographic vote. It will go down in history as one of the most cynical political scandals Britain has ever seen and the thing is it was always out in the open.

  9. So as predicted it was hidden because people involved and people hiding it had power.

    Nothing has changed.

    • Anon

      Except that the MSM at their masters’ bidding choose to selectively expose just one particular category to suit the political momentum of the moment.

  10. anna

    Milton Keynes Muslim Mayor resigns …………………………A muslim taxi driver had a CRB check ,he had four covictions for serious sexual assult including RAPE ,he was given a very strong character referenceby a serving CLLR(the present Lord Mayor Muslim Subhan Shafiq who today resigned)

    The Lord Mayor described himself as a friend of the taxi driver and vouched as to the drivers GOOD CURRENT CHARACTER ???(GOOD CHARACTER A SERIOUS SERIAL SEXUAL ASSAULT AND RAPIST)good current character and family circumstances.the Lord Mayor supported the taxi drivers application.

    A further seven taxi drivers in Milton Keynes give MK council cause for concern,just how many taxi drivers are involved country wide?????
    CLLRS Stewart Burke and Gladstone Mckenzie West Indian origin(Bletchly ward )were both heads of the commitee who issued the Rapist a licence


    Further proof this is not just a Rotherham problem it is a whole country of England problem