Child rapists avoid prosecution – by saying SORRY

14 sex offenders dodge court action by admitting crime and using community resolutions, originally intended for minor offences
More than a dozen Midland child rapists have avoided prosecution – by simply saying sorry.
Fourteen sex offenders dodged the courts AFTER admitting their guilt by apologising to their young victims – all aged under 13.
Astonishingly, they were all dealt with by way of a community resolution – originally designed to dispose of minor offences and yob behaviour.
Rape of a child under 13 by a male (14)
Sexual activity with a female under 16, offender 18-plus (9)
Sexual assault on a male under 13 (2)

Birmingham Mail 08/08/14

Child rapists, paedophiles and a care worker who sexually abused a mental patient all let off by police – because they said SORRY
Hundreds of sex offenders have been let off the hook because they apologised to their victims and the police for their actions, according to figures obtained by MailOnline.
The government is facing calls to halt the use of controversial use of the resolution orders, with MPs demanding to know: ‘How on earth has this happened?’
Figures obtained through Freedom of Information laws reveal people arrested on suspicion of rape, child rape, creating child porn, child abduction and sexually abusing a mental patient escaped prosecution by apologising.


Rape of a child aged under 13: 20 orders
Rape of a child aged under 16: 1 order
Rape: 9 orders
Child prostitution or porn: 8 orders
Possession of extreme porn involving bestiality: 1 order
Sexual assault on a child aged under 13: 75 orders
Sexual activity involving a child under 16: 49 order
Sexual activity involving a child aged 13 and under: 10 orders
Care worker caused mental patient to engage in sexual activity penetration: 1 order
Sexual assault: 284 orders
Cruelty to children: 7 orders
Kidnapping or abduction: 5 orders
Sexual activity in front of child aged under 13: 2 orders

Daily Mail 09/08/14


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14 responses to “Child rapists avoid prosecution – by saying SORRY

  1. trowelandtoothbrush

    Hamish Campell in charge of the Jill Dando investigation then put in charge of operation Yewtree. That figures.

  2. Retired American professor Hal Pepinsky was probably the biggest advocate for “restorative justice” around the globe, and specifically in relation to sex offenders – so you can point some fingers in his direction. Ironically, Pepinsky was also a major Satanic Ritual Abuse advocate. This has always been one of the biggest problems with “ritual abuse” advocates – so many of them turn out to have friends that are convicted sex offenders, or you find out they are involved in non-custodial parental kidnapping rings, or they are advocates for “restorative justice” for sex offenders.

  3. card2

    I should add that given the emergence of the truth about Savile’s child abuse activity in the 1970s at the Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds the merit of pursuing Sue Ryder lines of inquiry, suggested by Christs many years ago, seems clear. Suffolk Chief constable and PCC is it time to stop covering for previous Chief constables starting with Arthur Burns 1972 ? Who tugged his forelock to the Home Office instead of honouring his sworn duty to the Crown ?

  4. card2

    It seems that Mrs Thatcher was warned by her police bodyguard. Let us hope that the spotlight now falls on Sir Keith Joseph’s decisions, as DHSS minister in early 1970s, to refuse care inquiries called for by MPs.

    Of particular interest to me is the Beeches Child Care Home Ixworth Suffolk where a still unknown number of disabled child inmates, in Hackney Social Services care, died between 1966 and 1972.

    Many years ago a Christs College spokesperson suggested that inquiry would be meritted to link inquiry into Sue Ryder charity with a look at Katherine Low Settlement in connection with the Beeches. This hearsay information was attributed by the Christs spokesperson to an alumnus who had become a Bishop. My initial search yields only one name for a Bishop alumnus of Christs and that is Dionald Runcie. Suffolk Police, who it is now known were working with Home Office in 1972 to suppress inquiry and prevent re-opening of an inquest requested by New Zealand Govt re Sue Ryder care deaths, have consistently refused to pursue such suggested lines of inquiry.

    If I recall correctly the name of the senior DHSS civil servant involved in Sir Keith’s 1970s suppression of inquiry was Celia Hensman. Now an MBE I think including for her charitable work with C of E Childrens Society.

    Perhaps Ms Hensman will have a clear recall to inform proper inquiry into Sir Keith Jospeh if it is ever properly raised ?

  5. chrisb

    However unsurprising this article may be, it is still really sickening. It would be interesting to know the views of the relevant elected Police Commissioner. I thought that they were elected to make sure that the police acted in the interests of the electorate and not in the interests of the small part of the electorate that are criminals.

    • Angi Gallagher

      We don’t have an elected crime commissioner in this area at present. Bob Jones ( one of the good ones), sadly passed away recently and we are due to vote again soon. However the chief constable commented in another local newspaper, the Express and star, that all of these cases were children who were in a relationship with another child. If this is the case then it is sensible to deal sensitively with both parties and not criminalise kids who experiment with sex, as I am sure that most of us did. That’s just good common sense. There are far more sinister parties out there who the police should be concentrating on rather than a couple of randy 14 or 15 yr olds. I speak as a parent of a teenager myself.

  6. steve

    And I bet this just the tip of the iceberg,these people have no regards for anyone except themselves and deserve all the loathing and contempt we can give,and those in judiciary system are as far as I am concerned are just as bad and giving all the pedos/rapists a green light,WE MUST STAND UP AND DEMAND CHANGE AND PUT A HALT TO THIS TERRIBLE INJUSTICE,A FULL SHAKE UP OF THE SYSTEMS NEEDED,judges can not be trusted to protect the weak/vulnerable and it also seems are neither social services as there a joke

  7. paul

    Wow more Michael havers scandal,northern Ireland rent boy