Special August treat…a Friday Night Poem …


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  1. That was great! :D Friday night poetry!!! more of! :D

    that was written for Kiplings only son, who never returned from the ‘Great War’. Apparently it broke Kiplings heart and he never gave up hope until his death.

    I haven’t studied poetry in years (12/13 years)… I use to write my own (people don’t believe that)… I had one published when I was a teenager (it was rubbish)… but I wrote some good stuff! (up until early 20’s)… Post more poetry (anything from Carol Ann Duffy to Armitage (I met Simon Armitage)… to Shakespeare, Tupac to Marc Bolan!

    I would say Chaucer… BUT HE DIDN’T SUPPORT ‘THE PEASANTS REVOLT’!!! Spoke against it… (some history for you!)

    A collection of poems on the issue of child abuse (victims, investigators, anyone who has come into contact with the issue)… AY! :D

    … brilliant! THANKYOU NEEDLE! MWAH!
    Have some Pierces (New Song! ‘Creation’… I should get promoting The Pierces!)… THERE THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!

  2. When I watched that Kipling spoke to me.

    You watched that before posting it.

  3. godhelpus

    Good idea for August!

  4. On balance IF is wisdom sought without being imposed.

  5. Sabre

    The Stranger is a good one too.