Operation Hydrant

_76754913_cc8ncrn1A national police group is being set up to explore possible links between child sex abuse investigations involving celebrities, elected officials and institutions such as schools and care homes.

43 Police forces across the UK have been asked for details of their inquiries.

The new body has been set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers and will collate and share information, Chief Constable Simon Bailey said.

It is due to meet in September.

While it will not lead any investigations itself, it will gather information involving well-known figures and organisations such as hospitals, children’s homes and parliament.

Mr Bailey, who will chair the group known as Operation Hydrant, said: “This is likely to involve all police forces in the UK, and we have included Police Scotland and the Police Service of Northern Ireland in our remit.”


This story updates the original report from the Sunday Times 13th July, when it was first announced that a ‘VIP sex crimes group’, comprising of 13 forces, was being established under Simon Bailey, chief constable of Norfolk.


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13 responses to “Operation Hydrant

  1. trowelandtoothbrush

    Well it seems unlikely to me that operation Hydrant could be anything less than a cover up because the police is full of Free Masons and to me 43 police forces is just one hell of a lot of Free Masons. The Lenny Harpers of the polis are thin on the ground. Sorry for the uncompromising cynicism on this but having been raised in Scotland if one met a polis that wasn’t a Mason the very next thing you expected was for it to rain frogs.

  2. dpack

    which way they try turn the stop cock will become obvious with a bit of patience.

    if it is well intended they are going to have a lot of work to do.
    if it is not well intended they are going to have a lot of work to do .

    hydrant which side are you on?it probably is that simple .

    i hope that you( the hydrant team) are well intentioned and that you are bold(and robustly careful) enough to expand the stated brief to follow the evidence.

    a good look through the archives of this blog might be useful part of a basic education in where the hydrant brief might lead .
    listen to witnesses ,gather documents ,be good coppers etc etc but without understanding historical context and the connections within that context at best some individuals may be brought to justice but the truth will remain hidden, many will escape justice and there will be many more victims .

    at the mo i will assume good intent ,go for it with no thought of personal safety beyond of succeeding in the mission or giving deference to corrupt power .

  3. He had been seconded to the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry.

    On his way up he would have had the usual spook liaison experience SB etc, a safe pair of hands from HMG’s point of view.

  4. Reblogged this on shirlz007 and commented:
    Operation Peadogeddon!
    I WILL SEE THIS THROUGH TO THE END! I put that on my unborn daughter!

    I personally want The National Crime Agency and SOCA to head up a special unit, and launch an investigation into ALL of it!
    (Il handle ‘The Agency’ if/when it rears it ugly head)

    The Needle and Justice Denied are probably the best blogs to go to concerning the issue of ‘institutionalised child abuse’… il elaborate tomorrow, hopefully Il know more than the BBC do (I usually do)…

  5. why not Operation Peadogeddon?
    Operation Daisy Bird?
    Operation Crazy World of Arthur Brown?
    Operation pipe to pipe bushman?
    Operation Shrub rocketeer?


  6. I’ve been reviewing my posts oh here, a jaundiced view of the world is putting it lightly.

    I really do hope I’m wrong !

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  8. Andy Barnett

    Hopefully Simon Bailey is a man we can trust. Anyone know much about him?

    • If he’s trustworthy and remains so from our point of view, he’ll end up nicked for corruption or suicided for depression.

  9. steve

    WHAT it will change or investigate?? NOTHING ANOTHER NAMELESS COVER UP JOB YET AGAIN,