Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning admits abusing boys


Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to a string of historical sex offences against boys.

The 73-year-old admitted 29 charges of abuse against boys aged between nine and 16, at Southwark Crown Court.

He denied 12 further charges and will face a trial beginning on 24 November at the same London court.

Denning, of Basildon in Essex, was charged as part of Operation Yewtree, which was set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.



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  1. I have commented on another of your posts elsewhere, but reading this 1, as with the other, I have noted many references to information regarding Jean-Paul Hansford’s (or any other variation of his Christian and/or surnames), conviction in connection with child pornography not being available on the internet, due to it having been expunged by his friends in high places.

    I have managed to find some evidence of his conviction, not from any MSM newspaper, with whom, no doubt, those on high have contacts, but with the International Journal of Forensic Computing, through Retroarchive. The link is given at the end of my comment.

    The link that I have put is a direct connection to the site. If you use a Google type search, clicking on the entry produces a link to the relevant document, but which does not appear to want to load. If this happens, try clicking on the cache. This will give you the document, in a strange format (at least on my computer), but which is easily readable.

    The relevant pages are 14-16. You can look for yourself, but in summary, Hansford was convicted of specimen counts of possession of child pornography, and also of distributing same, for which he received 2×6 month sentences, to run consecutively. In fact there were nearly 3,000 illegal images found on his computer, many of which would now be in the Group 5 category. As part of his defence, it was claimed that the images arrived on his computer, without his knowledge or permission, but with the computer forensics available at the time, it was ascertained that he had previously been in contact with various like-minded people by e-mail, offering to swap material, and this is where they had obtained his e-mail address from.

    I hope that this is of use to somebody, and that copies can be made and spread around, before this section of the site becomes wiped off the internet as well.

    Assuming that he served the full term of his sentence, perhaps Mr. Hansford could explain to us lesser mortals why there appears to be no gaps in his C. V., as shown on his LinkedIn entry, his Facebook page, etc.

  2. Toby Walker

    Fran Godfrey was and still is a very good friend of Lord Sewell.
    She has many friends in high places and has worked hard for years under a number of rich and famous gentlemen.

  3. David

    Fran Godfrey who was known as ‘the BBC Bicycle’, had affairs with many men in Bournemouth before she left to join the BBC.
    Richard Gwynn a presenter at Southern Sound in Sussex had an affair with her for years and it upset his wife and two sons very much.
    Richard Gwynn allegedly committed suicide when he jumped off Gatwick Airport’s multi-story car park, which was believed to be a suspicious death.
    Fran Godfrey claims to have the ‘God bothering bug’ which many BBC staff consider to be a huge joke as she spends more time in bed than in the studio.
    Fran Godfrey is divorced. Her former husband described her as ‘no better than a common prostitute’.

  4. Clive

    Snuff movies were made at Bournemouth, which Sandra Court and others who knew too much about, were murdered.
    Sandra Court worked in Bournemouth and found out what was going on there.

  5. Nigel

    Fran Godfrey who was a great friend of Richard Gwynn should be in a position to inform readers as she lived near the 2CR studios in Southcote Road where she and Richard used to have cosy long lunches, when she wernt having long cosy lunches with Stan Horobin , Norman Bilton or David Porter.

  6. Andrew

    David Porter and Stan Horobin were happy to employ their good friend and companion Chris Denning at Two Counties Radio (2CR) in Bournemouth, despite his habits which attracted the attention of the police. David Porter was a former Managing Director at Reading’s Radio 210 and had employed Chris Denning there, before moving on to 2CR as Managing Director.
    But Chris Denning kept getting into trouble. Richard Gwynn who had worked at 2CR knew about it and made it clear that he was against employing Chris Denning at the Radio Station, so David Porter and Stan Horobin got rid of Richard Gwynn, who left and got work at Southern Sound in Brighton, where he was writing all about what was happening in Dorset with Jimmy Savile, Ken Bailey, Stan Horobin, David Porter and others who were involved, but suddenly fell off the a multi story car park at Gatwick.
    He died some days afterwards and it’s not known what happened to all his research.

  7. Simon Grant

    For every offender identified there are many who are unidentified and still enjoying the good life in Bournemouth and elsewhere. Norman Bilton and Ken Bailey, together with Tony Hardman and others were heavily involved in the evil network which involved other name, many of who are very well known. Some people who knew too much mysteriously died, including Sandra Court whose murder was never solved.
    Tony Hardman was one of the biggest pimps in Dorset and other places. He supplied and corrupted literally hundreds of boys, whom he promised fame and fortune through his Ivanhoe Leisure network which had international connections.
    One well known woman radio presenter at the BBC knew all about it.
    She was known as the Bournemouth Bicycle, who used to be on the Wogan show…..

  8. Alex

    Chris Denning lived at Bournemouth in or near Bourne Valley Road when he worked at Two Counties Radio as a presenter in the 1980s and 1990s.
    He was employed by Stan Horobin and David Porter the boses and later Jean Paul Hansford who took over as well as Felicity Irwin who became chairman of Two Counties Radio.
    Tony Hardman was also very involved with 2CR and Chris Denning had a long career in Bournemouth, where he lived on and off for some time.
    He was employed as a voice over for commercials as well as a presenter.

    • Astonishing that Denning was able to fit a little “presenting” in, between his true life-long career as a child abuser! What a disgusting history of predation this man has. I found his exploitation of impoverished boys in Chech and Slovakia for pornography particularly slimy. So, he will end his life in prison? Excellent!

  9. dpack

    i spose that makes sense.

  10. dpack

    the payola scheme and the films from that time might be a good direction for yewtree to explore should they have the will and resources to do that.

    i does make me wonder why an ex chair of the security commission such as butler sloss was considered suitable as chair of any inquiry when vetting seems to have missed so many “wrong types”.

    it dont get much more “wrong type”than savile but he had palace access during her tenure as “head vetter”.

    re this chap ,id never payed any attention to him til he was charged and even then i wondered who he was ,hope he considers that as a review of his career from me .

    is sentencing after the disputed charges ?if he admitted 29 charges should he be sentenced for those now and a court can sort the others later ?im a bit confused about how that sort of thing works .

    • They normally sentence after trial re the contested charges.

      1. News re sentence on the uncontested charges could prejudice a fair trial on the contested charges.

      2. The sentencing judge will have a clearer context for sentence when all matters are disposed of.

  11. The security service used to (still do) vet employees of minitrue, they failed again or succeeded depending on your point of view.