So True…

“I bought a ticket to the world
But now I’ve come back again
Why do I find it hard to snort write the next line?
Oh, I want the truth to be said”



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8 responses to “So True…

  1. I hold no brief for the treacherous neo liberal laissez faire globalist who just happens to belong to the con faction of the LibLabCon party.

    I can find many many reasons to dislike him ( best to keep things civilised), however, given the issues at hand here a bit of self harming drug abuse and whoring seem to be almost refreshing such is the stench of the body politic.

  2. gw

    Kincora abuse investigation stopped by MI5 says ex-army officer:

    • dpack

      good news that more old hands are speaking out,the events that a proper investigation of kincora would expose need exposing and the lads who were used at kincora deserve justice.

    • Read Kitson’s Low intensity operations.

      How do you think the State managed to get all factions talking and compromising ?

      Even wee Martin (J118) was visiting Cheyne Walk in the early 70’s despite the official line being ” we don’t negotiate with terrorists ”

      6 maintained a channel of communication with the warring factions, 5 with help of SB and the FRU found the way of gripping them by the short and curlies, Kincora was a means to an end, collateral damage if you will.

      Cynical? Yes
      Effective? Yes

    • I’m surprised that the army intel officer believed that 5 would be pleased, unless of course he saw an opportunity to exploit the situation himself.

  3. Kittiwake

    I’m not overly impressed with this and isn’t it a little off point and ‘Daily Mail’ in a bad way. If people want to let their hair down in unusual ways, as long as no-one gets hurt (which admittedly is a point of some debate) they should surely be allowed to get on with it. What offends me is the use of the police. I would have thought this is a civil matter if at all.

    • chrisb

      One point is the use of the police. They should not be involved, especially when they could be chasing paedos etc. .

      Second point is the hypocrisy. Cameron has never denied having used illegal drugs in his youth. Osborne is still trying to hide the evidence and intimidate the witness. Yet they see fit to maintain the current drug laws. No doubt Cameron and Osborne would have been treated leniently by the police, had they been arrested – ‘We don’t want to ruin his bright future’ – in a way that kids off a council estate don’t get treated.

      Then there is the proof that News UK (formerly News Corp) have of Osborne’s drug taking. When the story first broke in 2007 (I think) Osborne was ‘forgiven’ by News Corp and told he could continue his political career. At about the same time, Cameron, who had tried initially to distance himself from New Corp, made his peace. We now have a Government with several ministers who serve News UK’s interests. Do you consider this a satisfactory state of affairs? Would it not be better if the issue was dragged into public, thereby making the evidence that News UK have of Osborne’s past misdemeanours worthless?

  4. Rather alarmed to see Mr Slave’s fingertips inching into the waistband.