Keith Joseph Blocked Inquiry 1972

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Keith Joseph pictured here with Margaret Thatcher.

Keith Joseph pictured here with Margaret Thatcher.

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Hansard Nov 7 1972

Hansard Nov 9 1972

Hansard Nov 22 1972

Hansard Apr 3 1973

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What should happen now is a review of DHSS Minister Sir Keith Joseph’s refusal of inquiry 1972 re deaths of disabled children in Hackney Social Services care at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk in the period 1966 to 1972.

The Commons requests for a public inquiry were from two Labour MPs Michael O’Halloran and Clinton Davis. It is possible that O’Halloran was influenced to ask his question by shadow minister Barbara Castle who had already been refused her request for a care inquiry into death and poor care standards at the Sue Ryder Home Cavendish West Suffolk 1972.

The lady who had been ignored by Sir Keith Joseph, in her complaints about Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire, went to Barbara Castle who then raised Commons questions. The lady was document burgled at some point in the 70s. The lady had not discovered the role of Special Branch secretly reporting and monitoring police inquiries into Sue Ryder/Leonard Cheshire.

The various inquiries re Savile are all failing to weigh the implication. In the 1970s Welsh Regional Crime Squad discovered the covert MI5/Special Branch liaison exercise undermining their inquiry.

The charity was being protected from lawful police inquiry by unlawful secret activity orchestrated through Special Branch compliance. Now what are the chances Special Branch did not know about Savile abuse at the Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds 1970s ?

Dominic Grieve when Attorney General did not dispute the affidavit asserting the above facts.

I was aware, as a rural beat Pc in West Suffolk, that OIRA asset(s) in Suffolk were taking a then unexplained interest in the Sue Ryder/Leonard Cheshire
HQ at Cavendish. I first suspected a special branch involvement when a duty DI was contacted, prior to my reporting to him, after the sudden death of volunteer Mary McGill January 1972. The DI tried to order me to destroy the footwear and clothing on the body to prevent it ever being forensically tested.

I defied the order and was taken off the case. I resigned a couple of months later. 17 years after that in 1989 by pure chance I met a retired Welsh Regional Crime Squad detective and he told me their case history of the time.

I then tried to resurrect the Matron McGill case and periodically apply to Attorneys General for consent to access High Court to quash the suicide verdict. Consistently AGs use secret public interest custodianship to deny access to justice. In spite of 42 years ignoring the significance of bruising on the body consistent with anal rape or attempted anal rape. The secret inquest into Matron MacGill’s death left the final 19 hours of her life unaccounted. But after the suicide verdict Leonard Cheshire gave a statement to New Zealand press admitting that he was with Matron McGill during that final 19 hours.

IE I feel sure that a charge, of perjury and conspiracy to pervert justice, if brought properly against Cheshire in 1972 would have succeeded in securing conviction.

Imagine the furore if a conspiracy thriller like Utopia had featured the charity activity of Airey Neave (Founding trustee Sue Ryder Homes) and revealed that his charity was being spied on by OIRA (later off shoot INLA) 7 years before his assassination at the Commons.

Maybe rationalising about “Powerful paedophile networks” the better explanation resides on avoidance of a domino effect ??

More information from the same source can be read HERE in the comments section.


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  1. This is a truly fascinating development, particularly given the many rumours surrounding the INLA and quite who they actually were and who funded them. It certainly does suggest that, those rumours have some basis in fact.

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    In light of recent allegations concerning the late Keith Joseph, one of Margaret Thatcher’s most important mentors, this is important reading.

  3. dpack

    what a strange story,
    the early help and funding of the charities is interesting as is the trustee mentioned ,
    the location of the suffolk facility might be relevant .

    the high death rate,the dead lady,the di wanting evidence destroyed,the document burglary,the blocked inquiry etc etc are all rather disturbing .

    the closed unit study made my hair stand on end(.mkuk?)

    if the facts are correct (the hansard stuff does confirm some important parts of this)and they do seem oddly believable based on similarities other matters the context and interpretation of what this ex police officer has said should be established,

    regarding oira activities at that time afaik a few old hands were 6 assets most of them were new to such things and based in NI with a “defensive”and local attitude to tactics and politics .if there were oira recon parties on the mainland they dont seem to have provided the intel for many mainland actions.
    ps they were a bit short of arms and practical skills in the early 70’s .after the split and rise of pira there were many more mainland actions.
    inla were a strange brew and seem to have been,at least in part, very well trained.
    the above is not saying that oira assets were not active in suffolk in 72 but it was a bit off their patch and out of character for their usual strategy to be targeting a politician who at the time was more involved with science and technology than irish politics.
    when neave did get involved with irish matters a few years later his public attitude was to be harsh to all terrorists be they green or orange.

    i wonder if the other ex police officer that gets mentioned is available for comment?

    • martin paulson

      Official IRA was active in Britain in early 1972. It bombed the Parachute regiment barracks in Aldershot that year. At the end of May 1972 a ceasefire was declared by OIRA.

      It is quite plausible that OIRA was active in Suffolk in early 1972

      • Sabre

        The Stickies regarded the sectarianism of the Northern conflict as counter productive.

      • dpack

        the bombing of the paras was probably a reminder that an event in derry a few months earlier was not forgotten or forgiven and done as propaganda by deed for home consumption.

        it is plausible they were active in targeting recon in suffolk but neave seems an odd target for oira at that time.
        even though he was a trustee of the charity why suffolk rather than any of the many other facilities? did he visit the place? did he live near by?who else lived nearby? who else were trustees or visitors?and were they of potential interest to an oira intel team? who mentioned oira to the ex police officer?was that mention specific to that home/neave or a general warning to watch out for oira?

      • card2

        What we have here is an “IRA asset an undischarged bankrupt obtaining information of use to soviet”

        It may be that his concurrent interest in Clement Freud Suffolk coast and Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish rests up the common ground. That Aue Ryder founding trustee Neave and Freud were both on the UK Nuremberg trials UK team.

        The topicality would be the 1971 release scheme from German postwar internment of 1200 men. The release scheme run by Ryder Neave and Brandt.

        There is no doubt volunteer Matron McGill became wary of “The distance kept between the admin and care sides of the charities”

        But specifically she was worried about witnessing the conversion of a Georgian Prince Muslim (ex Russian Navy commander) to Roman Catholicism while he was tranquillised aged 85. Mary McGill wrote about this to a friend 9th Dec 1971. Indicating she wanted to leave but could not let the inmates down.

        I would guess that the death of a Polish Navy Commander in January 1972 would be the same man. Eight days before Matron McGill died.

        After the Horst Kopkow PRO release 2004 or so there were allegedly “Impeccable Intelligence sources” briefing selected journos.

        To the effect that the Intelligence services had always suspected that Sue Ryder and leonard Cheshire Homes were assets of Vatican ratlines. I withdrew co-operation from plans to publish in Sunday press because I suspected the journo intended to attribute the intelligence information to me. My position is sworn by affidavit work to the affidavit don’t get sneaky.

        If you have followed the history then by now you will be aware that when fighting the case Sir John Stradling Thomas MP died at his Dolphin Square Home 1991.

        Now we know that Savile abused at the Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds it creates, in my view, a problem for Home Secretary and Attorney General that the CSA inquiry is unlawful as it has been set terms of ref by those who have prior interest and that is a Judge in Own Cause situation.

        In 1972 the New Zealand PM had directed diplomats to approach Home Office to re-open the Suffolk Inquest on their citizen Mary McGill.

        The Home Office civil servants together with Suffolk Chief constable Arthur Burns concocted a report to divert NZ Govt from that path. They lie pure and simple. But this is two commonwealthy countries each recognising Judicial Cttee Privy council to decide. but Home Office civil servants cutting ministers and privy council out of the decision making.

        That position has been protected by absolute secret public interest custodianship of attiorneys general debying access to High Court.

        And that is what sustained the unlawful police no go area in which Jimmy Savile had arrived to abuse and get away with it 1970s.

  4. dpack

    as a slight and almost humorous aside cos at times a funny moment keeps me half sane but
    is that the devil in the background of the thatcher/joseph photo?

  5. Jenny

    The UK seems to have been run by perverts, paedos and their apologists. Margaret Thatcher was literally surrounded by them, and when warned about one of them chose to promote him – and Thatcher was very far from being a naïve woman. But It’s not just a Tory thing, they infiltrated all political parties and were all in it together – no doubt some were using their positions to introduce laws to lower the age of consent so they could sexually abuse their constituents children with impunity. The rest of them knew about the abuse and the aims of PIE but turned a blind eye to the suffering of vulnerable, unprotected children and concentrated on the human rights of adult minority groups instead. Not so keen on campaigning to lower the voting age eh? Ever since, there’s been one cover up after another to protect powerful individuals and the establishment. Our security services knew too, and have effectively been involved in facilitating and covering up child abuse. Paedophile politicians must be very old or very dead before they’re exposed (and even then, some never are).

  6. card2

    Please also be aware of Neville Lawrence complaint against Lord Stevens which will simply have to be covered up because it might implode the Lawrence Inquiry and bring a lot more questions upon Straws head.

    There is so much Straw suppressed inquiry into that it ends up interacting.

  7. card2

    I see a question who mentioned OIRA to me ?? No one. It cropped up in warnings to my brother who was ops controller for RAF Oman war 1972 73 and he only got a warning AFTER his tour 1973.

    He had been socialising for years with the OIRA asset at Walberswick the Freud set at weekends. But the nature of the warning to be passed to family was such I could fit it into the timeline related to McGill Decd.

    I had if you like “Made” the man about 1968 when I was in Army and he wanted to know how defence cuts were affecting Army Air Corps. But there was no telling my older brother be careful.

    I recall he was approached by one of the private cold war warrior army outfits that called itself Churchills Commandos so guess OIRA man was on to that as well. He would have been interested in Cobra Mist with his mate a share fisherman thereabouts too.

    The OIRA interest needs to be matured gents. Industrial and agricultural sabotage. That requires infiltration of industry not teams targetting.But that does not relate as far as I can tell with the Suffolk OIRA asset. My own guess is MI5 made him let him run and his questions were more informative than his answers. So they didn’t warn his unwitting sources because they were getting what questions he was carrying.

  8. card2

    I also think you should think well on Bloody Sunday. Its effect was to smash two pillars of the OIRA Garland Plan. Was that the intention of Ballymurphy and Bloody Sunday all along ??

    A significance of the above case may be that though they may have been at ceasefire after the bombing of Aldershot para barracks they had not stood down their chap spying for soviet had they ??

    And just like Gen De Chasterlains GFA concerns (poisons industrial and agricultural sabotage left out by fool Blair) it may be that OIRA ceasefire in 72 was limited to bomb and bullet while the serious stuff continued.

    I also think OIRA/Soviet throughly penetrated GLADIO the stay behind network invented by Sporborg 1944. Later with Neave founding trustee Sue Ryder Homes.

  9. card2

    So …. the information 1997 from an anon Christs College Cambridge man. Attributed to a Bishop of Durham. It is about an alumnus bishop who would not be the Durham bishop

    As far as I know that can only be Mervyn STOCKWOOD Southwark>

    To look for connections between Katherine Low Settlement, Sue Ryder Homes and the Beeches child deaths.

    That was suitably mysterious then.

    Clearly STOCKWOOD was an associate of DRIBERG so that could imply a lot.

    The OIRA asset was undischarged bankrupt. I have information he had been leaned on by a man working for turkey millionaire Ray LegRys. I am a little interested in this as the debt man was an Ipswich pimp and associate of West Indians who did what was then called “Capturing” now called “Grooming”>

    I understand that John Allen of Ipswich had set up Bryn Allen by 1967. But if in his prior life at Ipswich he had been the unwitting “Push” for the Jeetermen (now Yardie) pimps to get a nice kind pull to get girls out of care and trading … then they would have been into him at Bryn Allen. So I tend to rule out the pimps in the area spotted him for a perv while plod were as always remunerated unaware.

    I am also interested in a gang more dangerous than jeetermen. They allegedly did kidnaps of the pimps girls to take to orgies and the girls re-appeared 3 days later with no memory. Filthy world isn’t it ? As far as I could tell the CID and uniform were on take at the Jeeter level.