Judge Mental: Judge Philip Cattan

I don’t have a ‘Judge-Ignorant’ category, so, I’ll have to stick this in The Needle’s ‘Judge Mental’ category.

There are a lot of ‘allegedlys’ in the stories this morning about this.

He ‘allegedly’ fell asleep.

But the undeniable fact remains that Judge Philip Cattan couldn’t be bothered to give the impression that he was awake regardless of whether he slept or not and as a consequence a schoolgirl looks likely to have to give her harrowing evidence again in the child sex abuse trial that Judge Philip Cattan was presiding over.

What kind of message does that send out ?

He should retire!


Judge Mental! Judge Philip Cattan

A young girl faces having to repeat her harrowing evidence of alleged sex abuse.

And taxpayers must pick up a bill for thousands of pounds – all because a judge is accused of falling asleep.

The jury was sent home as a probe was launched into claims Recorder Philip Cattan snoozed as the girl gave evidence via video link.

Worried he had nodded off during a crucial point in the case, barristers raised a “point of law”.

And while the jury was out of the room, the judge was confronted with the claim he had slept during part of the cross-examination.

Kama Melly, a leading criminal barrister who specialises in child sex crime , said: “If these allegations prove to be correct then they are extremely serious.

The Mirror


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9 responses to “Judge Mental: Judge Philip Cattan

  1. Joe Mercer

    I agree totally with Blue. A lifetime of hard work and dedication should not be ruined by a moments lapse of concentration.

  2. Blue

    Falling asleep in such circumstances is embarrassing, and can have regrettable consequences, of course, But its not ‘criminal’ – or we would all at some point or another find ourselves criminalised. Human frailty is not a matter of ‘contempt’, and I’m sure this incident is deeply regretted by the judge in question, someone who has no doubt given diligent public service for many years. I’ve fallen asleep in front of my bosses in meetings held in airless stuffy rooms. I’ve fallen asleep on trains, and missed my stop. Did I MEAN to do these things? It was a regrettable, but all too human, instance.

  3. Paul Jones

    Nice spelling, Steve. You lead the charge for a massive shakeup of the judiciary, right after one of the education system. Judges are human.

  4. A little person

    He should be doing more than retiring. He should be facing prosecution for contempt of court and misconduct in public office . If a member of the jury had fallen asleep they would be facing contempt charges.

  5. Most Judges would do a better job if they slept throughout the whole trial !

  6. An example of human frailty, I’m sure that there was an absence of ‘men’s rea’. Distressing for the victim(s) and defendant who is of course presumed innocent at this point. Costly to the public purse too, however, perhaps we can cancel shooting the part time Judge.

  7. dpack

    if a judge nods off neither victim/s or accused are getting a fair hearing
    i feel sorry for all of them as the case is still undecided and they both have to start again.
    if a pilot nods off ,it does happen,either the co pilot or electronics usually sort it out safely but the aviation authorities do take a very dim view of it if they find out
    if a driver nods off the law takes a dim view of it .
    tis a serious matter if a judge nods off i hope for both the public and the judge it is sorted out in line with the facts whatever they may be.

  8. nuggy

    i dont see the problem with the jusge falling assleep.

    if the defense barrister fell then of course they would have to be a retrial

    a fair few jury members nod off during cases and nothings done about it so whats the problem.

  9. steve

    sack the cretin,if he asleep get rid of him,then again most judges are old don’t even live in real world or have any idea of the world today,WE NEED A MSSIVE SHAKE UP ID SAY