Our Lips Are Sealed

The Friday Night Song.







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4 responses to “Our Lips Are Sealed

  1. godhelpus

    Great Song Gojam!!!! could i be so Bold as to recommend a Song for Next Friday????? it’s by St Paul’s and the Broken bone “A CHANGE IS GONNA COME” this is a great version in my Humble opinion, just a thought……..

  2. ‘The Pierces’ Needle! Hottest women on the planet! (aswell as EXTREMELY TALENTED! Next Bond theme please! :D )… The Pierces

  3. ‘Friday Night Song (got this from Needle!)… post a track once every Friday night!’


    (good ones at least!)

  4. shite again Needle! God what a crap DJ you would make!
    I GOT THIS!!! :D
    T Rex – Children of the Revolution

    I gave a shout out to you Needle (Gojam? dpack? three of you?)… you may not agree with my ‘conspiracies’ or geo-political ideas… but we stand together united on one thing!

    CHILDREN!!! Sexual abuse? Gaza? :/


    The Republic of Great Britain (okay im exaggerating a bit) WILL get a specialised ‘National Child Abuse Unit’ within the next year or two (I put my unborn daughter on it)… WATCH THIS!!!