Exposed! Gojam’s Source For The ‘Vital’ Inside Information From Op Fernbridge




Hook, line, and sinker.

Sorry to disappoint everyone.

A source close to the investigation said that the customs officer was originally approached over claims that a known paedophile had been stopped with a videotape showing the MP at a sex party with underage boys. The customs officer said the report was false, but told police he had stopped the MP in question and seized child pornography videos from him.

The source said: “He viewed the tapes on a video recorder at the border control, and found them to contain pornography involving both underage girls and boys together. He said the children were clearly under the age of 12.

“Unfortunately he can’t remember the exact date when it happened, but he had no doubt about the identity of the MP because he checked his passport. He said he had passed the details of the seizure up the chain of command and had no knowledge of what happened after that.

The Telegraph

It seems that if Exaro run a story on Operation Fernbridge  it must be the truth but if another MSM outlet does one it must be a ‘black flag’ operation run by MI5 and the Met.

If it doesn’t fit the conspiracy narrative then it’s part of an establishment cover-up

Deus Ex Machina.

“From Latin, meaning “god from the machine”; plural: dei ex machina is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object.”

What would we do if we didn’t have MI5 to blame for all of the inconsistencies in the conspiracy narrative ?


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28 responses to “Exposed! Gojam’s Source For The ‘Vital’ Inside Information From Op Fernbridge

  1. draclear

    Whatever is on the tape is now irrelevant. From now on it’s evidence and witnesses you need, not old and inadmissible interviews. Stop fighting and move forward.

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  3. nuggy

    the telgraph has boasted of its links to the security services before now.
    so its not that much of conspiracy theory to say they might be spreading disinfo.

    bear in that not every journalist and blogger that’s spreads disnfo is doing it knowingly.

    most of the time its completely unintentional.

  4. david mellor

    basically exro the story is true it may have been exaggerated but its basically true.

    theirs a very good reason there more trusted than other papers they haven’t got a history of spreading disnfo.

    where as nearly every other msm paper has.

  5. “EXACTLY!!! I really think you should get past these differences
    and concentrate on the common enemy, the state, the establishment!”

    The common enemy ISN’T child abuse & child abusers, but rather – THE STATE – ? So, then, the purpose of these investigations ISN’T child protection, but rather to incite popular revolt against THE ESTABLISHMENT?


  6. Terry B

    Just my understanding for what it’s worth (which is probably not a lot)
    Scenario 1, man is caught with a case of video tapes and on one tape is the ex-minister at a party where abuse is taking place
    Scenario 2, ex-minister is himself caught with a case of video tapes showing abuse.
    As far as I can tell, people who know a lot more than I, are arguing over which scenario is right based on a recorded interview with an ex-customs officer.
    Regardless of which scenario is the correct one, 2 things are true.
    1. The police and authorities did fuck all about what was discovered at the time
    2. This man was left to continue his “special interest” for the last 30 years

    • I’m not arguing for scenario 2 based on the audio. I’m basing it on what I understand Solanki told the police.

      • Terry B

        The point I was hoping to make is not about the arguing, but about the lack of action from the police/authorities

        From the BBC;

        Cover up? No shit Sherlock I think is the appropriate response.

      • dpack

        while reading the bbc story about lambeth i was told that another very senior council employee at around that time did not stay in post long as they felt there were issues regarding a cover up and they could not fight it.
        im being deliberately vague as they should be a witness in the current investigation.

  7. paul

    which is it likely to be,its getting confusing.
    1 paedophile gets stopped at customs with a video showing a cabinet minister abusing a child.
    2 cabinet minister is stopped by customs with a video showing general child pornography
    3 2 cabinet minister is stopped by customs with a video showing himself abusing children or just on the video

  8. please take what Im saying seriously (I don’t bullshit when it comes to child abuse.. EVER! I admit it’s not my speciality or expertise. Its not something I ever wished to confront)

    London Assembly report has found the Metropolitan Police Force is over whelmed with child abuse allegations, and is stretched to it’s limits (plus its greatly compromised! WE ALL KNOW HOW!)… use this to call for a National Child Abuse Unit to be formed (campaign, get the MPs and Social Services on board, EVERYONE who’s wishing to see an end to this)

    A National Child Abuse Unit, that is properly funded and resourced, headed by The National Crime Agency and Serious Crime Agency, access to ALL the intelligence, with the power to investigate any agency or Government department, working closely with Social Services, and other agencies (Prison Services?)… NATIONAL DATABASE, ACCES TO IT ALL!… it’s members handpicked, passing vigorous psychological tests and vetting processes, specially trained in investigating child abuse and child snuff networks (the organisation, funding, psychology, EXPERTS!!!)… HAVE THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT FOR THE OFFICERS/DETECTIVES INVESTIGATING IT!

    Watson? Dancuk? Hamming? Loughton? Needle? Exaro? Ian Pace? ANYONE??? :/

    Thursday night song!
    Duran Duran – Ordinary World
    (not A View to a Kill, sorry)

    • seriously though…

      ”Overstretched Met struggling to keep pace with rise in child abuse cases

      Significant increases in the number of allegations of rape and sexual assault against children are stretching the resources of the Metropolitan Police unit responsible for investigating them, a new London Assembly report has found.”

      ”Murder police drafted into over-stretched child abuse inquiry teams … The Metropolitan Police is struggling to cope with a “sudden and marked … A London Assembly report raises concerns that children at risk today could …” -The Times (gotta subscribe! give my money to Murdoch! Are you on crack?)

    • dpack

      shirlz007 i agree with you about a dedicated unit with a brief including uk and international territories but to limit it to just csa would be too narrow.there are strong indications that those who abuse and traffic kids, sell images etc are sometimes also involved in politics ,arms,drugs,frauds etc etc.
      a csa unit would need to have the resources and freedom to follow the evidence where ever it leads as that might well bring them to more csa offences.if they had to hand over part of an investigation to a different department if they find other offences it would impede the investigation of the csa aspects which might be best done holistically.

      for example have a close look at the events and people that seem to be relevant to kincora and all the above offences and a few more such as murder are involved.
      previous investigations and reports which started with csa allegations at kincora by members of staff were given a narrow brief which avoided finding the truth and failed to bring many of those responsible of a variety of crimes(probably including other csa offences) to account.

  9. Sorry to post from RT! (all that MH17 propaganda an all)…

    ”Child sex abuse surge sees police overstretched”

    ‘A surge in the number of alleged rapes and sexual assaults against children is stretching the Metropolitan Police to its limits, a London Assembly report found.’ BLAH DI BLAHDY BLAH…

    THIS WHY CHILD ABUSE CAMPAIGNERS, SOCIAL WORKERS… ANYONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE, SHOULD BE PROPOSING FOR A ‘SPECIAL NATIONAL UNIT’ NOW! (I propose NCA and it’s predecessor SOCA)… the MPs involved should be pushing for a national investigation into ALL this (from Jersey to Kincora to Westminster to MI5 and Special Branch… INTERNATIONAL!)

    Campaign for an ‘all encompassing’ investigation led by NCA and SOCA, accountable to Parliament only… then call for a special unit that operates nationally and specialises in this stuff (how they operate, the psychology, the funding… it is organised crime at a level, CONSPIRACY to an extent).
    The Mets comprosmised
    5’s compromised (not that they would give a fuck)
    NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY! National Organised Child Abuse Unit… carefully chosen detectives and experts, with an array of experience and backrounds, operate ONLY for investigating child abuse, works closely with ALL social worker and child protection agencies.


  10. godhelpus

    Good Luck everyone with this!!, seems as though it will be a long hard slog just to get the truth out there…….

  11. Jeremy Stocks

    Gojam – I think you are doing a brilliant job here. I also like another reader follow your conservative approach well. Seems like you made an error – no worries.

    This subject must take its toll on anyone close to it – physically and mentally also. I would think you have to be very strong to handle the details of this issue. Take plenty of rest in this task – better a healthy Gojam than a weary Gojam! Good luck!

  12. gw

    Once upon a time David Cameron came to my school – the local conservative association had hired the canteen as a venue for his speech (he wasn’t PM at the time). As a politics student I was allowed to go, and afterwards there was a photo
    op. I didn’t want to be part of what I regarded as “propaganda” so I hid out of shot of the camera…

    Now, imagine you were a senior member of a government at a child abuse party and a video camera started doing the rounds. Would you try and get in the frame as if it was that Oscars selfie? Doubt it…

  13. Hi Jim,

    I am going to do a blog of my own on this soon, also with some thoughts from an audio expert at my university on the tape. I would really like to include your transcript and comments (fully attributed, naturally). Would you be able to e-mail me at ian AT ? I’m not quite sure (because of the security issues on Exaro) of your correct e-mail address?

  14. Democritus

    ”What would we do if we didn’t have MI5 to blame for all of the inconsistencies in the conspiracy narrative ?”

    Blame the Russians instead?

    • dpack

      strange you should say that but i did consider whether the situation that seems to be emerging was thought up by beria enacted via blunt and stayed concealed a lot longer than intended as moscow misjudged the “length of the fuse” or was it possibly “taken over”, grown bigger and used domestically . either seems unlikely but possible .the “taken over” option seems more possible than the first.
      it also seems plausible that both moscow and langley were aware of at least some aspects of these matters and quite possible that langley was more than aware .

  15. This is a good post, thank you.

  16. Anon

    If you are both supposed to be on the same side, then why are you fighting each other?

    • EXACTLY!!! I really think you should get past these differences
      and concentrate on the common enemy, the state, the establishment!
      Obviously the transcript errors are natural mistakes so if we are bandying
      latin phrases : Errare humanum est

      the Exaro “scoop” was on a film posted months back (I just saw it) and announced by the Express in February so that was odd bluster?
      this should all be about justice for the abused and not about people’s egos – surely?!

      Will somebody please arrest that slimeball, have you heard him in 67,
      it just makes your skin CREEP, the greased hair, the tiny collar, the tight knot… affected, up himself… so assured…. ?!