Early Day Motion To Include Jersey In Child Abuse Inquiry

It might be worthwhile asking your MP to sign it.


  • Session: 2014-15
  • Date tabled: 21.07.2014
  • Primary sponsor: Hemming, John
  • Sponsors:That this House, being conscious of the numerous cases of previously concealed child abuse in which individuals have been able to use their status as public figures to deter victims and to prevent or disrupt investigations of their crimes, and being conscious that in some cases abusers, and those who have concealed abuse, have been able to use their positions in public office and the institutions of the state such as Parliament and Government to shield them and their wrongdoing from proper, lawful scrutiny, recognises that the dangers of such cover-ups occurring are even greater in small, quasi-self-governing communities than at national level, where, even though checks and balances are more extensive, child abuse and cover-ups by the well-connected have still occurred; notes that a local public inquiry in Jersey into child abuse, the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, has not gained the confidence of all victims and witnesses; and calls on the relevant UK authorities, the Secretary of State for Justice, the Crown and the Privy Council, in exercise of their responsibilities and powers to ensure good governance, the rule of law and proper administration of justice in the Crown Dependencies, to empower the overarching UK inquiry into child abuse to include the Crown Dependencies.



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11 responses to “Early Day Motion To Include Jersey In Child Abuse Inquiry

  1. dpack

    maybe make local global is a good strategy but is the global able or willing to do that ?


    quite a few have signed up to this so maybe the crimes against(young)humanity route is worth exploring .

    til pigs fly hunting local flies and spiders and putting them on display seem sensible and the best awful option .

  2. Please sign this petition or Jersey’s current inquiry will probably be a cover up.

    Please spread the word by twitter etc.


    The future safety of Jersey and UK children depends on these things being done properly.

    More info from

  3. Jersey, Kincora, Islington, Elm Guest House, Grafton, Beechwood (Nottingham)… AND it’s ;inks internationally! (Amsterdam, Prague)…

  4. The legal ties between Jersey and the UK have been kept intentionally murky, so that Jersey has been able to enjoy the illusion of Crown oversight, and UK rule of law, along with almost no oversight and obvious breakdowns in the rule of law.

    One reason Jersey must be included in any meaningful national inquiry is because UK care home children were trafficked to Jersey, some were also placed at Haut de la Garenne, and the UK was could not have relinquished responsibility their well-being by law.

    That should be enough to force UK involvement in the investigation of what their own care system did with their own children.


  5. GMB

    How about including the UK abused and abusers of Amsterdam.

  6. dpack

    it would not be included by those who wish the truth to be hidden.

    as well as the issues of child “care” and political life that are jersey based but do require an independent investigation the number of links to mainland events and people is extensive.

    just a few i can think of include savile,suffolk,islington and various other local authorities,various aspects of the life aquatic,follow the money issues.
    im sure that those wiser than me could add to that list but even just the few above are a very good reason to include jersey.

  7. alanbstardmp

    how could it not be included?

    • sponge_mike

      Because it’s not part of the UK.

      • dpack


        it may not be “part of the uk” but it is ruled by the duke of normandy and administered on their behalf ,at least in part, by some of the those who have similar responsibilities on the mainland and so as far as im concerned”the buck stops there” if something happens on their watch,as it does in the uk.