Igor Girkin: War Criminal

OK, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

For his part in the murder of 298 civilians on Malaysian flight MH17, I name  Igor Girkin  a war criminal and I call on the International Court of Justice to seek him out so that he may answer for his crimes.


Igor Girkin


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24 responses to “Igor Girkin: War Criminal

  1. Unbelievable

    Did Girkin order those two Ukrainian fighter jets to fly alongside MH17? Did Girkin order the Ukrainian held control tower to divert the flight over Eastern Ukraine? Did Girkin order the flight to lower its altitude?

    I’m surprised the Ukrainian authorities gave this man permission to arrange all of the above contributing factors.

    Essentially, you are either clueless, a mainstream media sucker or a troll. If you want to maintain any credibility at all, do your research first before jumping to conclusions. Whether those conclusions have an agenda or not.

  2. norman

    igor girkin is no more guilty than I am

  3. Well, it seems like your post put yourself in the hot seat somewhat with that post.

    I think the subject of child abuse and paedophilia relies on a complacent and corrupt mainstream media. The same applies to the hysterical propaganda now being thrown at Vladimir Putin. A mixture of the ill-informed and ignorant, as well as paid disinformation trolls is swaying public opinion and thereby justifying a very large push from the US-NATO-Zionist Establishment and as part of a geostrategy that goes way back.

    In summary, a new cold war is required and Putin is the designated bogeyman. While the Russian president is far from perfect, he is the best bet we have at the moment in halting the expansionism of US-NATO cartels who think nothing of murdering nearlly 300 people in a false flag attack so that they can draw Russia in to the chaos of a civil war. The BRICS partnership established with Russia, Latin America and others as an alternative to the US dollar is also a reason why Putin has become such a hated target by the Anglo-American Cartels, He offers an alternative to the imperialist bullying of the West. Russia is not so easy to bully. Hence the propaganda campaign.

    So, it really pays to employ the same discernment and discrimination regarding mainstream media cheer-leading in international politics as it does in rooting out the child abuse establishment.

    Love the blog.

  4. Common Man

    It seems a little odd to me and others why you would name this man for something you have NO evidence of him being guilty of and yet you do not name Benjamin Netanyahu as the murderer of hundreds of innocent men, women, children and babies for which you KNOW he is guilty of. Have you an agenda Gojam or doesn’t Palestinian blood count?

    • I personally believe that both sides in the Middle East conflict are as bad as each other. I don’t support either side but I do sympathise with all innocent victims.

  5. Democritus

    Without evidence, we could be convicting an innocent party. Do you have any evidence Gojam? Or is this decision based on prejudices, rather than logic? Russophobia is no better than homophobia or xenophobia, in the sense that it is another stupid prejudice.

    I have heard you often quote ”Fiat justitia ruat caelum”. Well, for justice to be done evidence must first be collected and examined with an impartial eye devoid of prejudice

  6. So Exaro seem to confirm the story relayed by Chris Fay as to what the Customs officer actually said on tape regarding the video intercepted at Dover (although they are “are not revealing the names of either the former Customs officer on the recording or the ex-minister on the video”, whereas obviously Fay has given a name.)


    One detail seems to correspond closely with Fay’s description on his youtube video with Bill Maloney (as I recall) : the officer asked about who was in the video first says “It was a member of the cabinet” before going on to name the ex-minister.

    Another interesting snippet from the Exaro story is: “One officer at the Metropolitan Police Service even claimed that the ex-minister had merely been caught with child pornography while driving back to the UK, and not captured on an abuse video” which is strikingly similar to a story that appeared in the Telegraph (I think) last Sunday, noted at the time for its confusing points of similarity and divergence with previously relayed versions of the Customs officer’s statement.

    I have to say, after watching just now the discussion between Elsberg and Snowden ( http://www.hope.net/stream.html ) about whistelblowing, providing documentary evidence, and valuing the integrity of justice over personal jeopardy, I wish we had more Elsbergs and Snowdens in the Met, in Parliament, in Customs, and, dare I say it, in the press, mainstream and otherwise!

    • It’s complete rubbish.

      This is The Express interview tape.

      The interview was conducted through a door, it is indistinct, and the journo asked leading questions.

      The customs officer doesn’t even stand by it The story is rubbish!

      • Why are Exaro going with the story?

      • Thanks for being so unequivocal!

        Not having heard the tape, I have no firm opinion on it. However, it might be worth noting the Exaro story *seems* to imply the interviewee is not Solanki. though they don’t say that explicitly, and this could be just to preserve uncertainty.

        The Telegraph story seems to have come from a Met officer who is aware of a conversation with some once-officer in Customs, though Solanki is reported as claiming no police have talked to him. Given the London Gazette entry which names Tricker and Solanki ( https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/49075/supplement/10308/data.pdf ) and the absence of one naming an ex-Minister, the Telegraph version seems the least evidenced version of this right now.

        If you’ve actually heard the tape, and a leading question on it, then you are much better placed than most people to make a judgement, of course.

        It would puzzle me, though, if there was a leading question, and if the possibility of the tape being heard up and down the nation exists, that Exaro are laying themselves open to accusations of misleading reporting by the way they describe the interview.

        If someone would just anonymously (ha!) post the thing to youtube, we’d all be a lot better informed :)

  7. Now theirs a surprise…….

  8. Via @LobsterMagazine on twitter


    A COUNCIL investigation is being launched in Worcestershire into possible paedophile activity – amid fears perpetrators could have been protected by an “establishment cover-up” in the county.

    Your Worcester News can reveal how politicians at Worcestershire County Council are becoming increasingly concerned about allegations made by a former in-house director of social services about a powerful paedophile network with links to Westminster.

    David Tombs worked for the old Hereford and Worcester County Council for 20 years as its director of social services until 1994, and claims that in the early 1990s his concerns had been brushed off.

  9. Now i don’t pretend to know the Truth about all of this!!!! But what i do think? is everyone is entitled to have an opinion right or wrong, their is no need for other people to Rant and Rave just because they do Have Opinion………..WOW What a RANT.

  10. Due process, get the evidence etc for the suspected child rapists but rush headlong into this literally during the fog of war.


  11. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    I agree that whoever, is responsible for the murder of almost 300 people should be charged with murder.

    I don’t believe that Russia (Putin) armed the separatists to shoot down civilian passenger planes or instructed them to do so. Putin is no fool he sees himself as the strong good guy against the Obama bad, weak one there is no way he would risk that and harm Russia.

    This crime was the lunatic action of some so called independent separatist mercenaries and they should pay for their crime.

    Really we need Putin on board to bring the murderers to justice.

    I read the comments which is why I’ve commented and at this length. Surely if you care about child abuse you care about victims and if you care about victims you can’t ignore 300 of them.

    • Maybe Putin armed them, maybe he didn’t.
      Perhaps some separatists have gone off the deep end after acquiring such a weapons system, unlikely but possible.

      Perhaps the Ukrainian government, the illegitimate Ukrainian government facilitated by US interference, tried to shoot down Putin’s plane ( with or without US connivance) and got 300 civilians instead.

      We just don’t know yet, the wreckage is still smouldering and the bodies are barely cold yet.

      Why the rush to judgement?

      • i don’t know that there is a rush to judgement as with any crime there are suspects they all need to be questioned and when there is enough evidence charged.

        I agree about the illegitimate Ukraine govt its possible that this was a false flag operation of theirs.

    • Surely the Ukrainian State, given that it is a US created client State, has access to US Intel?

      Satellite tracks of the Missile(s) ?
      Drone surveillance of the Ground to Air missile system before it was even fired?
      Why no air strike called in on such a threat?
      The US have in the past called in air strikes on threats such as wedding parties, surely a SAM system warrants slightly closer attention?
      The US have managed to call in air strikes on UK troops, doesn’t a hostile SAM get a splash?

      The Israelis manage to target ambulances and kids, but no one bothered about neutralising a SAM system?

  12. I honestly don’t mean this as any malice or disrespect towards Needle, or commentators (maybe some that will read it, probably won’t comment on here)… I wouldn’t be on here otherwise!

    Needle, stick to child abuse. That’s why I find myself here!

    I don’t even know what to say about MH17! You all claim to want the truth and facts regarding child abuse… something EVERYONE has to support (at least pretend to anyway!)… Something Geo-political, Russia… YOU ALL PUSSY OUT L:IKE FUCKING MINCERS! ‘The London Brigade’ (EVERY FECKING NEWSPAPER… that Sarah Firth on RT!… fucking everyone… most of you are MI6 controlled and don’t even know it!)… WITHOUT CHECKING ANYOF THE FACTS. Using their God damn emotions. IT’S BRITISH PROPOGANDA FROM YOU LOT AND YOU KNOW IT! In with Murdoch! (and we know he don’t have Britains best interests at heart

    Okay… let’s see what you all think about MH370!!! What? When? Where? How? Why?… YOU CAN DO IT WITH THIS!!!

    IL never move to London… INVADE! STORM! TAKE! fucking Game of Thrones style!

    Laugh… but your helping instigate a war… a ‘cold one’ maybe… but it’s still are war. IF I have to choose sides… Putin

  13. Tom Austin

    What crime?

    You’ve gone completely loopy Gojam.

  14. I would say ANYONE who contributes to war, fights in a war, promotes a war, propagates a war, instigates a war, initiates war, profits from war, funds a war.. is a criminal.

    Including myself :'(

    (NATURAL LAW! Mark Passio – Natural Law – The REAL Law of attraction… on eof the greatest philosophers of ALL time, and he’s alive and kicking it in Philly!)