Exaro Audio Tape Story.

I’m going to be very quick because I’m not going to waste my time on this.

The audio is The Express interview tape with Solanki which was done for this story in The Sunday Express on 23rd February 2014.


My understanding is that it was done through a closed door, that it is indistinct and that the journalist was the first to name the Minister not Solanki. The journalist prompted Solanki with the ex-Minister’s name.

Finally, Solanki himself does not stand by it. Solanki has talked to the police and named the same Ex-Minister in connection with a different incident. The Ex-Minister was caught trying to smuggle indecent material through customs.

This entire ‘Ex-Minister in a video caught in the possession of Russell Tricker’ story is not true.

You’ll find the correct story, impeccably sourced, here in The Telegraph

A source close to the investigation said that the customs officer was originally approached over claims that a known paedophile had been stopped with a videotape showing the MP at a sex party with underage boys. The customs officer said the report was false, but told police he had stopped the MP in question and seized child pornography videos from him.

The source said: “He viewed the tapes on a video recorder at the border control, and found them to contain pornography involving both underage girls and boys together. He said the children were clearly under the age of 12.

“Unfortunately he can’t remember the exact date when it happened, but he had no doubt about the identity of the MP because he checked his passport. He said he had passed the details of the seizure up the chain of command and had no knowledge of what happened after that.


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  3. Their should be no Point Scoring? after all it’s about the Truth in the end that is what is Needed!!!,

    • I’m not scoring points. I’m trying to clarify matters.

      If I did not on this occasion, what would everyone earnestly looking at this have been left thinking?

  4. It would be very naive of people to assume that networking does not go on between exaro, other media outlets and bloggers. What is said is half the story, half the knowledge. It’s not about versions of the truth its about getting basic facts right.

  5. TruthSeeker

    As I say, Exaro’s track record is such that I believe there must be a good reason for that ambiguity that you and I do not know. We will have to wait and see.

    • Really ?

      There is no plausible reason, other than they don’t want to admit that it is The Express ‘interview’ tape.

  6. TruthSeeker

    The story does say that the MPs MAY hand the audiotape to police, but it also says they are “concerned about the evident lack of willingness at the Met to investigate the ex-minister properly”. In any case it states that they WILL hand it to the over-arching inquiry. They may also name the ex-minister under Parliamentary privilege.

    I would have thought it was obvious why the two MPs are not named: to reduce the risk of further pressure being applied by people such as the Tory minister who Danczuk says cornered him and tried to persuade him not to talk about Leon Brittan at the Select Committee.

    The way the article is written (naming Solanki – already in the public domain – and then going on to discuss a ‘former Customs officer’ whom they say they have not named) indicates there is another audiotape, another Customs officer. How can gojam be so sure there is not? In addition the quotes do not match those in the Express article, again suggesting a separate recording.

    So far Exaro have demonstrated professionalism and care with their articles, and I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt for now..

    • The police already have it. So, why would it matter if the unnamed MPs ‘may’ hand it to the Met ?

      If Exaro are referring to a different audio tape with a different former customs officer then they should say so. There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t clarify that point.

  7. amsterdamned

    gojam nobody believes you version of events because it most comes from the met police. stephen lawrence? shredding documents on corruption? mark duggan? de menizes? but you believe them.

    • I don’t agree with the other examples you’ve mentioned, certainly not de Menizes or Stephen Lawrence. I don’t think these issues should be conflated.

      ‘My version’, as you call it, doesn’t derive from the Met.

      There are a fair few media outlets with that recording now.

      One question maybe you should ask is, why would these unnamed MPs (dwell on that a second on why they are unnamed) why would they suggest ‘they may’ hand the audio to the police when the Met are already are aware of it, I’m fairly certain they’ve heard it, and they’ve talked to the subject of the ‘interview’ already. So, what is the story here?

      It’s froth. a non-story and misleading to boot because now some people think there is another customs officer, another witness. There is not and Solanki has denied the story.

  8. Anon

    Confusion reigns.

    Are Gojam and/or Exaro now singing like Establishment Canaries to a pre-scripted song for another McAlpine-like string?

    Only time will tell who is/are correct.

  9. dpack – perhaps this will help. There are agencies in the UK, the US, Canada and other European nations, that have databases of seized child abuse images and videos, with hundreds of thousands of unique images. In the UK there was COPINE: “Gemma Holland, victim identification project manager at the University of Cork’s Combating Paedophile Information Networks in Europe (Copine) which has a database of more than 600,000 child porn images, said: “This is a global problem. The abuse could be in the next village or somewhere near you but the problem is the images are being shown globally. Identifying the kids in these images should be our prime concern and of the greatest importance.” and there is also CEOP: “The CEOP Centre is affiliated to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and powers are derived from the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. It is based in Pimlico, London with developing outreach channels to all areas of both domestic and international policing. Specialist faculties are dedicated to operations, intelligence, education and victim identification”. “The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is a member of the Virtual Global Taskforce. Other members include the Australian Federal Police, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Interpol”. The American NCMEC has a database even bigger than COPINE’s database. At least half of these images are historic, which is to say at least 20 years old. The historic images have been copied over & over thousands of times and transmitted across the globe by the perverts who have been obsessed with collecting and trading them over the last 60 years or so. It is very rare for a recently seized historic image to be “new” to the databases – they’ve seen them ALL before, over and over. What do you think the probability would be, that a child sexual abuse image containing an identifiable picture of a politician from any of these nations, never showing up in SOME OTHER NATION’s database? To suppress such an image would require a total global conspiracy.

    • Anon

      There appears to be attempt to create a similar confusion between allegations of heterosexual over-the-age-of consent rape and allegations of child abuse.

      Disproving one would not disprove the other, merely make it look less credible – it looks like the McAlpine strategy all over again.

  10. dpack

    ps im confused and could believe either or neither or both to be true in part or in whole

  11. dpack

    both versions have suggested that each set of tapes may have gone to registry .where they may still exist.

    ” importing” or “starring in” are different and either would be disturbing but without the tricker or ex minister tapes (preferably both) or further evidence it is hard to understand the truth of these matters.

    in relation to why the apparent confusion as to the nature of what seem to be events about a decade apart has happened it could be poor research and/or trying too hard to “get a scoop” or “take down a big target”etc etc that created the problem or it may be the confusion was deliberate and the creator of it used that sort of “enthusiasm”as a weakness in order to sow confusion which seems plausible.
    if encouraging pursuit of the story of the alleged content of the tricker tapes was intended to discredit any story of the real importation by the ex minister any connection(or no link whatsoever) between tricker and the ex minister is not the prime issue,what is important is establishing who created the obvious confusion about these matters which should become clearer by examining the processes that led to it .
    to establish how these confusions occurred rather than simply blaming the confused might be a sensible response if seeking truth.

  12. paul

    exaro say more is coming out Monday,i hope for their sake they’ve got the story correct,another mcalpine type fiasco will give the deniers who say its a conspiracy theory gone mad,all the ammunition they need.

  13. paul

    sunday mirror story follow up about tory sex parties alleges Rhodes boyson involved with PIE

  14. TruthSeeker

    It appears from the Exaro story that the audio tape is not of Solanki but of another former Customs officer. Why do you describe the Telegraph story as “impeccably sourced”? As Concerned reader notes above, Exaro do not accept the version from the Fernbridge officer. At this point I’m more inclined to trust Exaro, who in their article accuse the Met of misinformation in relation to this case and of smears in relation to another.

  15. So the source to the Telegraph story seems to be a police officer “close” to operation Fernbridge, whom, on the face of it, Exaro do not believe. I think it’d be a real shame if it turns out Exaro are running with a duff source/story on this, since they’ve done so much to progress the wider issue when it was in the wilderness of non-mainstream discussion and reporting.