BBC Radio, 15th July 2014 :Dr Liz Davies and David Tombs.

A very interesting interview with David Tombs is followed by an extraordinary interview with Dr Liz Davies in which she reveals a great deal more than you might of been aware of before.

This is a ‘must listen’ interview.


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12 responses to “BBC Radio, 15th July 2014 :Dr Liz Davies and David Tombs.

  1. Liz Davies and anyone else with evidence should make at least 20 copies and place them in safe places. She is a very brave lady.

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  3. dpack

    umm wow.
    what seems like a lifetime ago we were discussing the connections between various nodes and the complex lattice that they form.
    many of those nodes and links were mentioned in these interviews either explicitly or alluded to with enough detail to be identified by anyone who looks into the background of what was said in this broadcast.
    that david and liz have at last managed to share some of their knowledge in such a public manner will, i hope ,make them and their knowledge more secure,with such things what is public cannot be hidden by those who would conceal truth.

    imho an understanding of the suffolk node will make a lot of links and other nodes easier to understand .

    the bravery and persistence of david and liz is an example to us all

  4. anon

    iplayer link please?

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    Very important, but too short interview with Liz Davies, a lady who KNOWS the truth. Listen to the shock when she said children were murdered and mentions Jason Swift.

  6. l8in

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  7. Sounded a bit shocked didn’t he.

    The people are waking up to the scale of the network and what happened to some of those kids.

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    Vital listening

  9. chrisb

    I hope that Liz and her evidence is safe.

  10. pongo

    who would have thought a year ago that TPTB would now be on the back track?

    How many other good men like David Tombs are going to come out of the woodwork and say their piece?

    Well done Gojam for keeping it going – most people would have packed in given the subject matter and abuse you have been given.

    Big hole in the dam now, cracks appearing – abused kids (past and present) have a better chance of true justice I believe – as they are going to be believed.

  11. artmanjosephgrech

    Thank you David and Liz interviews everyone should especially David Mellor and Tin Yeo given what they have said denying knowledge understanding but challenging rhe authenticity of he claims being made.