Op Cayacos: Family Misfortunes


It’s very odd (in a coincidental way)  that both Charles Napier and Richard Alston have famous brothers. As has been widely reported in the press, Charles Napier is the half brother of John Whittingdale MP, Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.

So, it seems a little unfair not to mention that Richard Alston is the ‘full’ brother of retired diplomat  and former High Commissioner to New Zealand  (amoung other places) Robert Alston CMG, QSO, DL. 



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4 responses to “Op Cayacos: Family Misfortunes

  1. Anon

    Unrelated, but potentially significant in its own right.

    Melanie Shaw, Beechwood Child Abuse Witness, Held in Peterborough Prison

    1) http://www.ukcolumn.org/article/nottinghamshire-child-abuse-witness-taken-police-now-missing

    2) http://www.ukcolumn.org/article/melanie-shaw-beechwood-child-abuse-witness-held-peterborough-prison

  2. dpack

    as this is sub judice (spp?)i wont make any comment about these chaps.
    this is the first time i have regretted that righton is dead .

    • As charges have been made there are contempt of court issues and I’ve deleted some comments accordingly.

      It’s in everyone’s interest that there is a fair trial.