Baroness Butler-Sloss: Chairman Of The Security Commission 1996- 2005



Wikipedia has a rather innocuous description of The Security Commission.

The Security Commission,sometimes known as the Standing Security Commission, was a UK non-departmental public body or quango established in 1964 to investigate breaches of security in the public sector. It was abolished in 2010, on the basis that government would investigate breaches of security as and when they occurred.


However, looking at the 15 reports that it has issued since it was created we can see that in 1973 it reported on the sex scandal involving  Earl Jellicoe and Lord Lambton and in 1983 it issued a report regarding paedophile Geoffrey Arthur Prime.

Only 2 reports (that we know of) were issued while Baroness Butler-Sloss was chairman but it isn’t difficult to imagine that this is only the visible tip of the iceberg of the Security Commissions work.

So, what potential child abuse cases may have been referred to the Security Commission over the period that Baroness Butler-Sloss was chairing it (1996-2005) ?

Well, here is three just to begin with. North Wales child abuse (Waterhouse), Allegations of a Labour government minister abusing children at Angell Road in Lambeth, and Operation Ore, allegations of establishment figures, including members of the government accessing child abuse images.

The second report issued by Baroness Butler-Sloss in 2004 is interesting.

“To review vetting of those who join or belong to the Royal Households, those working closely with them, or who otherwise gain access to Royal residences.”

I wonder, did she bother to vet Jimmy Savile and if she did what did she find ?

Is Baroness Butler-Sloss really the independent chairman of an overarching child abuse inquiry that the public demands ?

Or a safe pair of hands that the establishment need to keep a lid on establishment paedophilia ?


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  1. What about 38Degrees, couldn’t we get a petition going?

  2. dpack

    this thread just got referenced on the guardian comments re the steve bell cartoon,guess their mods are a bit busy today

  3. dpack

    assuming that this appointment wasn’t just a farcical blunder is the government the proper body to instigate the very necessary inquiry into the whole situation?

  4. I refer the honourable blogger to my reply made in his previous post.. Stories appearing faster than I can comment on them here! :)

  5. dpack

    well done for following up and correcting my vague knowledge
    96 to 05 does cover a lot of ground.

    it seems my concerns might be justified although my details were shakey

    i wonder if she was chair during those dates was she a member at other times ?

  6. steve

    Seems to me shes just a puppet put in to make us believe something will be done,but it wont,yet again another farcical white wash