More Details About Raid On Peter Righton’s Home

It’s nice to get this down as former Detective Constable Terry Shutt is confirming what Peter McKelvie has already said.

Mr Shutt  [former detective constable with West Mercia Police] was working as a detective constable when officers raided the home of paedophile Righton – who was once considered to be one of the country’s most respected authorities on child care.

As well as images of child abuse, they found five suitcases full of letters, which Mr Shutt says pointed to be him belonging to a much wider paedophile network.

‘In amongst all the other documentation, there was a definite link to establishment figures, including senior members of the clergy,’ he told BBC’s Today programme this morning.

‘So for me there was a definite feel that this was something bigger than we were looking at locally and that it should have been investigated further,’ he added.

Yesterday campaigner Peter McKelvie said he told police in 2012 that West Mercia Police were storing seven boxes of potential evidence about Righton

The Metropolitan Police did investigate the letters, but the now retired Mr Shutt says many of the most important leads were not followed up.

He claims it was seen to be more important to protect the establishment.

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2 responses to “More Details About Raid On Peter Righton’s Home

  1. gw

    Cayacos and Fairbank have been very quiet recently – towards the end of last year it seemed to be picking up pace with several arrests.

  2. steve

    well at least there still honest coppers and people in authority that do care,this whole mess just goes to show how deep the corruption and the lies and cover ups realy do go,does any one think we will ever know the truth or the full scale of all these cover ups,we realy need someone to come out and expose the whole seedy business