Tim Fortescue On How Parliamentary whips protected paedophile MPs



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6 responses to “Tim Fortescue On How Parliamentary whips protected paedophile MPs

  1. dpack

    such honesty from a political type is quite rare ,

  2. LJMT

    Shows that you can only vote against the party whip if your record is clean and you are of thorough integrity, doesn’t it? Very interesting. I bet that still applies. Shame that such people rarely get promoted now, isn’t it?

  3. alanbstardmp

    perfect example

  4. Mrs Mopp

    How this country has been run for a very long time…Rome is about to fall again, Sex Drugs and lets Roll. Filthy scum that have been levers to pull and push for the take down of Britain. Makes my skin crawl..!!

  5. IWTT

    I was one of the few people who captured and transcribed a BBC interview on the role of the Whips (Neil Hamilton) before the BBC had to take it down because Hamilton erroneously named the WRONG Welsh MP.

    The transcript is here – with appropriate links to confirm it is bona fide:

    I also recall that Christine Hamilton took up her usual place on “Loose Women” the next day and, when asked about the gaff, commented, “I wasn’t with him, which I usually am, because I had to be here”.