Emotional Blackmail

Fiat justitia ruat caelum  –  Let justice be done though the heavens fall.


Mr Danczuk was ready to name the suspects in Tuesday’s select committee hearing.

On the eve of the meeting, however, he was told in relation to one individual: “He is an old man who is very ill. Do you want to be responsible for the death of a former member of this house?”

The Rochdale MP told the committee of a powerful paedophile network that had protected his predecessor Cyril Smith. He had expected to be asked who was involved in the child sex ring but the question never came.

The Sunday Express was told the message was put out that one individual was in poor health and would struggle with the fall-out from being named.

An insider said: “It’s clear that real pressure was applied to make sure this politician was not identified during the hearing.

“Mr Danczuk had made it clear a week before the hearing that were he to be asked names of those understood to be part of this Government paedophile ring he would answer truthfully.

The Express


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23 responses to “Emotional Blackmail

  1. Shirlz

    let justice be done though THJE SKYFALLS! ;)… sick little bastards!

    • Sam

      We may be getting closer to a sky-fall moment, Shirlz.

      Bet there are a lot of old codgers cacking their pants at the moment.

  2. pongo

    I recall the scene from Lawrence of Arabia when the Turks were retreating, no threat, but Lawrence turned his rag bag army around to annialate them – his war cry, “take no prisoners!”.

    If Tebbitt/Currie etc etc has covered up get them in a dock.

  3. Becky

    Has anybody noticed that as soon as these guys come to the attention of the police and the inevitable news cameras turn up, they instantly stop walking at their regular, brisk pace and begin to shuffle around really slowly like they’re very old men in extremely poor health…?

    • sxjack

      Yes, it’s that ‘be sorry for me,don’t be too harsh, I’m only a poor old man, I’ll be dying soon, look I’m all grey and wizened, look at my emaciation’ role so often seen by oicks trying to get sympathy for their crimes.

      • anna

        I dont care how ill or elderly the dirty filthy old nonces are ,did they stop and ask how old the poor child was they were commiting BUGGERY on??NO of course the filth didnt,I say we hang them all from the highest lamp posts,they can shuffle along as much as they want,I want their blood,no matter their age or rank
        mother of 4 and grandmother of 3 GRRRRRRRR let me have em

  4. James

    Sign the epetion if you want an Inquiry into the Westminster Paedophile allegations

  5. chrisb

    Quotes from Margaret Hodge appearing on Sky are also in the Observer.

    “Thank God it is coming out into the open. I think the really interesting thing about it is there has been a veil of secrecy over the establishment for far too long.

    “Now the establishment who thought they were always protected … find actually they are subject to the same rigours of the law and that’s right.

    “What we really need to get right as well is how children are cared for today. Let’s learn from the historic abuse, let’s actually give victims the right to have their voice on that, but let’s actually also focus on the present.”

    Vomit inducing, especially the line about giving victims ‘their voice’, given that her MO is to smear a victim, who speaks up, by claiming that he has mental problems. Hodge seems to hope that attention on the ‘Establishment’ means that the abuse committed by social workers under her watch will be ignored. She also seems to be hoping that attention will focus on the present rather than the past.

  6. gw

    He was prepared to name names if explicitly asked and I’m sure exaro did advise as much. A good strategy imo

    Would not surprise if other, different ‘advice’ was offered!

  7. jubei

    I’d like to take this opportunity to use my civilian online privilege to the honourable readers of this blog that Greville Janner is 85 and he’s got mates even older that still lurking about.

  8. London Pete

    Wow. Norman Tebbit practically comes clean and admits what was going on:


    • When you have smoke and flames coming out of all the windows you can’t really do anything but admit that you left the tea towel too close to the stove.

    • chrisb

      Tebbit is in the firing line. Edwina Currie named him as knowing about Morrison’s paedophilia. He is getting his defence in first. He also blogged about the topic in the Telegraph yesterday.

  9. chrisb

    There is another possible explanation for Danczuk’s behaviour: he didn’t want to prejudice a fair trial.

    At some point he would also have realised that he could bring Brittan’s name into the public domain without making an accusation. This strategy has succeeded beyond expectations.

  10. chrisb

    The Sunday Mirror has a story about Dickens being on the hitlist of a murderer Arthur Hutchinson, who was wanted for rape and murder at the time. According to Dickens’ son, the family received police protection. Hutchinson, though, seems to have been a psycho with no obvious links to contract killing. Perhaps Hutchinson did fancy having a go at a ‘law and order’ MP. Two more likely scenarios, imo , are (1) there was no threat and the police made it up to scare Dickens or (2) the police did know of a threat to Dickens’ health or life and they used a criminal on the run as cover to avoid identifying from whom the threat came.

      • chrisb

        Which raises interesting questions … Why did the police intervene to prevent Dickens being assassinated ? Plod’s normal reaction, when being told that Special Branch or MI5 are getting involved, is to look the other way.

      • dpack

        option 2 seems likely ,perhaps even in good faith by the messanger

  11. Actually it was the Editor of Exaro News who told him not to name the Minister. Need to read up on the matter. Danczuk in my mind never had any intention of naming the Minister. He kept on saying as he publicising his book about Cyril Smith “I could” “I may” He never once said he would do so. And I said my block a while back it was all a Publicity stunt to attract attention to that book and I am not the only one who thought that.

  12. I find it slightly dissapointing that Mr Danczuk was ready to use PP to name names, but is not so keen on naming who tried to persuade him not to name names….